10 Terrible Movies that Had Great Candy Tie-ins

Everybody loves candy, but candymakers still don’t mind hopping on board the marketing machine of a big summer movie. The result: promotional candy tie-ins, which are often unusual flavors, and usually limited edition. Like movies themselves, some of these are good, and some are bad. Here are 10 delicious candies and chocolate bars that happened to bad movies.

1) Strawberry Peanut Butter M&Ms, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

By all account these limited edition M&Ms were quite tasty — they’re essentially regular peanut butter M&Ms, but the chocolate surrounding the peanut butter was strawberry flavored. But the M&Ms recreating the movie’s horribly racist caricature robots on the packaging was less tasty and more tasteless.


2) Light-up Kryptonite Candy, Superman Returns

These jagged shards of hard, green apple-flavored candy were probably as dangerous to mouths as actual kryptonite is to Superman, but if you enjoy apple Jolly Ranchers, you’d enjoy this. They were obviously tasty enough that the internet is flooded with recipes of how to make them at home. The best part was the base, which could be used to light up the “kryptonite” from underneath.

3) Snickers Adventure Bar, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Are you ready for adventure, adventure in this case being a hint of spice and coconut flavor in what is otherwise a completely regular Snickers bar? Truly, if you have a busy day of swinging around on vines as the king of the monkeys or have any nuclear-powered trips in a refrigerator planned, you’ll want to have a few of these handy.


4) Hulk Sour Lime Lifesavers, Hulk

I don’t know that these limited edition lime-flavored Lifesavers were great, per se — there’s only so amazing a hard candy like Lifesavers can truly be — but they were tasty and Hulk wasn’t a good movie, so here they are.


5) Nuclear Bar, Armageddon

By far the best thing about Armageddon — besides giving us the brilliant solution to prevent an asteroid collision to shoot Bruce Willis into space — was this candy bar. It was chocolate filled with crisped rice, much like a Nestle’s Crunch, but with generic Pop Rocks as well, for a bit of a “nuclear reaction.” Some people were upset that the candy bar trivialized the dangers of nuclear power, because they clearly didn’t have enough real stuff to worry about.

6) M&Ms Pirate Pearls, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

The Pirates of the Caribbean sequels have all been mediocre to excruciating, but Dead Man’s Chest has one thing over the original Curse of the Black Pearl, and that’s these M&Ms. They’re miniature, come in a variety of light colors, and are full of white chocolate. And apparently they’re so good sentient M&Ms are willing to indulge in cannibalism for them.


7) Heart’s Desire Sky Bar, Twilight: New Moon

What does true love between a self-loathing emo vampire and a personality-less teenaged girl taste like? A Cadbury Crème Egg, apparently. This Sky Bar is milk chocolate, and filled with a goopy, sugary goo inside. The “cream” filling is devoid of any flavor but cloying sweetness — which makes it, in a sense, the perfect Twilight tie-in.


8) Tart Candy Treats, Godzilla

Generic Tart n’ Tinys for a generic Godzilla. Even knock-off Tart n’ Tinys are pretty good, but you definitely can’t say the same for the mess that was the 1998 Godzilla movie.


9) Snickers Nougabot Bar, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

What transforms the already tasty Snickers bar into a Limited Edition Nougabot Bar? Yellow food dye, used to give the nougat center an unnatural yellow sheen. Hey, it may look terrifying, but it still tastes fine.

10) Mint Crisp M&Ms, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

What happens when youy combine Mint M&Ms with Crispy M&Ms? A candy treasure worth searching the world for. Mint M&Ms are as delicious as Raiders of the Lost Ark is a great movie, and that’s incredibly great. Truly, this is the best thing to come out of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, bar none.


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