10 Creatures That Stole Our Hearts in 2017

2017 was full of cuddly critters and sexy beasts—from the littlest baby tree to the evil clown king of Tumblr. That’s why io9's Beth Elderkin and Jill Pantozzi have siphoned out the top 10 creatures who stole their hearts this year. Check out the video below.

Image: Disney / Lucasfilm

Porgs from Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Disney | Lucasfilm)

These space birds are designed to win us over with their waddling, and dammit, it’s working. Here are a few things about them, other than the fact that they like to scream a lot: They’re inquisitive. They can fly, but only a little bit. And the best part? A group of them is called a murder. Forget Kylo Ren, these babies might be the actual greatest killers the galaxy. But they’re so precious, we wouldn’t even care.

Image: Disney / Marvel

Korg from Thor: Ragnarok (Disney | Marvel)

Kronan rebel leader Korg was absolutely charming, played by equally charming director Taika Waititi. Inspired by Polynesian bouncers, Korg was a giant softie who just wanted to help out his friends. A big old teddy bear you wanted to hug and help in his battle against the aristocracy.

Image: Disney / Marvel

Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Disney | Marvel)

This dancing alien tree was a bright spot in an already uplifting and gorgeous film. He may have been small and sweet, but he also packed a punch. We are curious how his cuteness will transfer over to Infinity War. Puberty isn’t kind to anyone—not even a tree.

Image: Warner Bros.

Pennywise from It (Warner Bros.)

He was the guy responsible for the dance that launched a thousand Tumblrs. To some, Pennywise is a terrifying monster—but for others, he’s a sexy gay icon, currently dating fellow horror creature Babadook.

Image: ABC / Marvel

Lockjaw from Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC | Marvel)

Lockjaw is a good boy. He’s a teleporting, superpowered, oversized good boy. Sure, his CG wasn’t great, but Lockjaw was still far and away the best part of the terrible Inhumans TV show. Too bad we’ll probably never see him again—at least not on television.

Image: Disney Pixar

Dante from Coco (Disney Pixar)

Dante may have been a pooch of few words, but this Xolo was an animal of action. Never one to shy away from danger, he happily followed Miguel into the Land of the Dead to help his family—though it was probably also for an extra bone.

Image: Netflix

Okja from Okja (Netflix)

She is the creature that turned a lot of people vegetarian—at least for a few days. Okja was a big beast with an even bigger heart. She’s the genetically altered superpig you really didn’t want to see turned into bacon.

Image: Fox Spotlight

“The Asset” from The Shape of Water (Fox Spotlight)

I think Guillermo del Toro put it best when he was talking with The Shape of Water star Doug Jones. According to Jones, del Toro once said: “This time, the monster’s going to actually fuck the girl.” That tells you everything you need to know about why this slimy creature is one of the sexiest beasts of the year.

Image: Netflix

Dart from Stranger Things 2 (Netflix)

Demodogs are pretty terrifying, unless they come in tiny slug form. Dustin’s best friend from the Upside Down was as cute and cuddly as a kitten—at least until he killed an actual cat.

Image: CBS

Tardigrade from Star Trek: Discovery (CBS)

Tardigrades are undoubtedly the cutest real-life critters of the year, if not the decade. They’re water bears that can survive in space! And apparently, they can become supersized and travel the galaxy on spores. That last bit may not be true, but what is true is this giant tardigrade is in a galaxy of its own.


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