We've seen Batman turned into Bartman with the simple change of one letter. But what other heroes can be transmogrified completely, with a simple change to one letter? Check out the wild, weird, world of Marvel and DC, if only the creators made more typos.

10. The Greed Lantern

This one I just included because it seems that DC got to the idea first. The Orange Lanterns of Avarice are pretty much exactly this concept, but with a different color scheme. The only difference between this concept and the one DC already has in place is that, instead of a bug-looking alien named Larfleeze being the comic relief of the Lantern Universe, it would be Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Raynor, and Guy Gardner all hissing and spitting and clawing at each other, and ordering collectible plates from late night infomercials.


9. Erma Frost

They don't even have to change Emma Frost. She can remain exactly as she is. All that needs to happen is she gets an invitation from her identical twin sister, who decided against villainy and in favor of an accounting job, a good work ethic, and prudent yet savvy investment strategies. Add a little thing between Erma and Wolverine, have Emma get mixed up with Erma all the time, and it's non-stop hilarity at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Maybe, maybe, as an Erma Bombeck shout-out, this Erma can pen humorous stories about herself and her family.


8. Magnetot

And you thought this character was winning while he was being played by Sir Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender. This would be the most violent, yet suave, yet adorable baby ever to terrorize the Marvel Universe. He'd be using buses full of people as rattles and forcing Wolverine to change his diapers, and he'd still be the most precious thing you'd ever seen. He wouldn't even need to use his powers to conquer the world. He'd just have to put some cute little baby pictures on the internet and the world would be his for the taking.


7. Booster God

I not only want this, I want to re-do the entire Bible to the way it would have been if Booster were in charge since the Beginning. I'm guessing Genesis would have him not only creating man in his image, but everything else as well. The entire world would be Booster antelope getting eaten by Booster lions on Booster-shaped hills under Booster-shaped clouds which rain little watery Boosters.


6. Doctor Strangle

I think this would be a step up for the character. It's not that I have anything against Doctor Strange. It's just that he suffers from the same problem that all supernatural heroes suffer from: a built-in deus ex machina. In an impossible situation? Fix it with magic! That magic goes wrong? There's always more magic to be had. I mean, the entire continuity for this character's every exploit, from origin onward, is, "A wizard did it." Granted, this change would put him at odds with his past as a do-gooder, but he's already got serial-killer eyebrows. He's a doctor, so he'd be an excellent murderer. And then there's the fact that the whole plot in which part of his origin story was regaining the use of his nerve-damaged hands, and the new name is perfect for him.


5. Doctor Dood

"Look, let me explain something to you. I'm not Mr. Lebowski. You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm Doctor Dood. So that's what you call me. That, or His Medical Doodeness … Professor Dooder … or El Dooderino, MD, if, you know, you're not into the whole brevity thing." Whether the Fantastic Four have to fight him, or try to solve mysteries with him, or get him to pay his rent on time, or he just hangs out with The Human Torch and watches bowling on TV, I don't care. This whole Marvel series just got great. Seriously, there is no way this character isn't better for Fantastic Four continuity than any stuffy old megalomaniac supervillain is.


4. Spader-man

Ah, James Spader. The scariest guy ever. His new Marvel character would be like Spider-man, but unbelievably creepy. Instead of banter during fights, he'll ask inappropriately personal questions and get in the supervillain's personal space. Instead of representing the beleaguered good guy, he'll go out of his way to show contempt for the poor and the vulnerable, especially if they're played by Molly Ringwald. He'll be so awful that J. Jonah Jameson will hate him more in his civilian than his superhero identity, and he'll put Aunt May in a shady retirement home so he can sell her house and buy expensive scotch with the money. What I'm saying is this: Anyone who freaked out at the idea of Donald Glover playing Spider-man? Get ready to have your parameters re-set.


3. The Huck

Oh it's not like giving the Hulk a straw hat and a raft and having him sail along a river would be any crazier than the storylines we've seen for him in the last few years. If Mark Twain ever comes back as a zombie I would love to see him write this series. There would be folksy Americana, social commentaries, and ironic looks at the un-examined racism that some characters have — and then there would be full-on, Twain-written, Hulk-smash freak-outs. I don't know who would be the Tom Sawyer or the Jim characters, but I'm sure that Marvel would surprise me.


2. Supperman and Bathman

Any superhero can save you from a supervillain, but how many superheroes can save you from a bad day? Sometimes, when the world has done its mundane worst, you need these two guys to turn the day around for you. They'd kind of be like The Punisher, only instead of storming into the bad guy's lair and gunning him down, they'd storm into the victim's house, make them a delicious multi-course dinner, draw them a fragrant bath, maybe put on some music on or play an audio book that they know the person will enjoy, whip up a bath-friendly dessert (oh like you wouldn't like to eat in the bath) and vanish into the night — perhaps to another time zone, so they can do it all over again. World's Finest indeed!


1. Nick Furry

Hold it, people. Let's all just count to ten and simmer down. Have you done it? Good. Let's get some perspective on this. Maybe you're not a fan of furries, but let's take a look at this character when he doesn't have a plush, stuffed outlet. In regular Marvel continuity, his long-time love interest, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine whom he has been with since the sixties, turned out to be a spy. In Marvel Max continuity, he put every hooker in New York's kids through college, displayed a bunch of fetishes, and sometimes discussed top secret missions while the hookers were in the room. And then there's the Ultimate continuity, in which he marries a woman who loves him, and then sleeps with every single one of her female relatives and most of her friends. She, by the way, is also a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, so basically there is no consensual step this new character could take that would be less moral, less distasteful, and less perilous for national security than what Nick Fury has already done. By why this particular kink?


Mainly, and I think we all know that I'm right here, this would make an incredibly compelling story. How do you manage, as a furry, in World War II? How do you organize that under war time conditions? Do you just go see a bunch of Bugs Bunny and Steamboat Willie cartoons and hope that other patrons catch on? And who would be his love interest? How did the culture evolve through the years, and can it be harnessed for spycraft? I'm not saying it would entirely make sense. I'm just saying it would give us a completely different, and fascinating, angle on a well-known character.

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