10 alien creatures who want to impregnate men

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Aliens know a good thing when they find it, which is why they are always trying to get our men pregnant. Whether they're parasites just looking for a warm spot to gestate some larvae, or cute alien ladies who want to share some groovy genetic material, those extraterrestrials seem to want nothing more than dudes who are barefoot and pregnant. Here are some of the most memorable stories about aliens in search of men to carry their young.


Special note: Just be glad I'm not going to make you look at any mpreg stuff, dear readers.

1. Decoys
In this fine example of Canadian cinema, a group of hot lady aliens come to a college town in search of hunky men who will bear their children. Luckily, part of their reproductive cycle requires sub-zero temperatures - as well as tentacles. Perfect for Ottawa!

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2. Futurama episode "Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch"
Kif, whose species can be impregnated through their semi-permeable skin, is accidentally knocked up by Leela. But his human girlfriend Amy is the "real" mother, because it's his love for her that caused Leela's genetic material to get Kif pregnant. The point is, two hot space ladies got Kif pregnant.

3. Alien
Who can forget the first chest burster ever committed to film? The scary little guy explodes out of John Hurt's chest right in the middle of breakfast. From that moment on, we knew those alien-blooded aliens would do it with anybody - and they always leave a baby behind.

4. Slither
One of the best alien pregnancy movies ever made, Slither is about a bunch of penis-shaped aliens who get inside you, cause you to blow up to the size of a barn, and then bust open to scatter more penis-shaped aliens into the world. Like the aliens from Alien, they aren't picky about who gets pregnant, and several male characters have swollen bellies before the film reaches its gore-tastic climax.


5. Night of the Blood Beast
Evil aliens inject their eggs into a hapless astronaut. And they grow into baby lizards inside him! Lizard aliens plus male pregnancy? Somebody must be pretty excited right about now. Thank you, Roger Corman.

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6. That Man Is Pregnant!
A 1970s howler about a bunch of evil feminists who get revenge on a New York police officer by somehow impregnating him. That's right - the women are the aliens! Just like in Species.

7. The Voyage of the Space Beagle
In this 1950s fix-up novel by A.E. Van Vogt, an alien named Ixtl needs to reproduce - but unfortunately the Beagle's crew is all chemically-castrated men. No worries! Ixtl will just inject eggs into the men's stomachs.

8. Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Unexpected"
Trip is fooling around with some alien lady, sticks his unprotected hand in a box that he shouldn't, and winds up pregnant. Also, he starts growing extra nipples.


9. "A Horse of a Different Sea," from Get Off the Unicorn
In this short story by Anne McCaffrey, a doctor in a small town discovers a small group of men are all suffering from what seem to be the symptoms of morning sickness. Apparently they all visited the same brothel . . . which has mysteriously disappeared. Leaving behind five pregnant men, who are about to give birth to an alien race.

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10. Sims 2
There is a sneaky or not-so-sneaky way to get a male character impregnated by aliens in this game. Some players report that their male characters had alien quadruplets or twins after their special abduction sexytime.



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