Yes, the second issue of Neil Gaiman's already fabulously-popular-despite-having-only-one-issue-out is finally here! Let's hope #3 manages to arrive in less than four months. Plus, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero hits the big #200, Marvel tries to Survive, and Image presents the superhero version of Galaxy Quest!

New Issues

Dark Horse:

• Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #3: The Serenity is found, River wakes up and a clue to Zoe's whereabouts is discovered.


• Empowered Special #6: Internal Medicine: Emp and Ninjette are tasked with saving a five-mile long alien baby.

• Blackout #1: Scott Travers has a mysterious suit that makes him invisible and intangible, which is good because many people want him dead and the suit for themselves.


• Other releases: Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine #5, Captain Midnight #9, Elfquest: The Final Quest #2, Furious #3, Halo: Escalation #4, King Conan: Conqueror #2, Mass Effect: Foundation #9, Massive #21, Mind MGMT #20, Pariah #2, Star Wars: Legacy II #13, Tomb Raider #2, Vandroid #2.


• The Sandman Overture #2: Finally! Morpheus discovers why he has been summoned and what he has been summoned to do.

• Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller #1: When an old enemy comes to kill her, Waller must defend herself with ARGUS or the Suicide Squad.

• The Wake #7: A mysterious call could signal a new hop for the human race.

• Other releases: Adventures of Superman #11, All Star Western #29, Aquaman #29, Batman: The Dark Knight #29, Beware the Batman #6, Catwoman #29, DC Universe Vs. Masters of the Universe #6, Dead Boy Detectives #4, Fables #139, The Flash #29, Forever Evil: ARGUS #6, Forever Evil: Rogues' Rebellion #6, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #11, Injustice: Year Two #3, Justice League Dark #29, Larfleeze #9, Red Lanterns #29, Superman #29, Talon #17, Teen Titans #29, World's Finest #21.


• GI Joe: A Real American Hero #200: Duke and Hawk prepare the Joes to take on the new Cobra, but their HQ holds an unexpected surprise.

• Star Slammers Remastered #1: The legendary Walt Simonson oversees this newly recovered version of his classic scifi comic epic from the '80s.

• Transformers: Dark Cybertron Finale #1: If Cyberton falls, so falls the universe!

• Other releases: Ghostbusters #14, Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #10: Rocky & Bullwinkle #1, TMNT New Animated Adventures #9, Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland #5, The X-Files: Conspiracy #2.


• Real Heroes #1: The six most famous actors in Hollywood have joined a superhero team movie… but they may really have to save the world.

• Sex #12: The first year comes to a climax (obviously).

• Other releases: Alex + Ada #5, Bounce #11, Dead Body Road #4, Deadly Class #3, Fatale #21, Krampus #4, Manhattan Projects #19, One Hit Wonder #2, Protectors Inc. #5, Revenge #2, Satellite Sam #7, Skullkickers #25, Umbral #5, The Walking Dead #124.


• Survive: The heroes of the Ultimate universe — those that weren't killed during Galactus' onslaught — band together.

• Silver Surfer #1: the Silver Surfer takes a tip from the Doctor and grabs an Earth girl to join him on his intergalactic journeys.

• Captain America: Homecoming #1: Captain America and Black Widow head to Brooklyn, and it's not for the hipster scene,

• Iron Patriot #1: Jim Rhodes quits the Secret Avengers to fight evil on his own, in his own armor.

• Other releases: A Plus X #18, All New X-Factor #5, Amazing X-Men #5, Avengers #27, Avengers Assemble #25, Brilliant #5, Deadpool #26, George Romero's Empire of the Dead #3, Guardians of the Galaxy #13, Hawkeye #18, Indestructible Hulk #20, Marvel Knights X-Men #5, Miracleman #4, New Avengers #16, Origin II #4, Revolutionary War: Omega #1, Savage Wolverine #16, Superior Spider-Man #30, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #11, Uncanny Avengers #18.


• Uber: Special #1: Keiron Gillen reveals the origin and first missions of Sieglinde and the German Battleship class Ubers.

• Other releases: Ash and the Army of Darkness Annual 2014, Bravest Warriors #18, Bubblegun #5, Bunker #2, Crossed Badlands #50, Dejah Thoris & the Green Men of Mars #12, Doc Savage #4, Eternal Warrior #7, Game of Thrones #19, Grimm Fairy Tales: Quest #5, GFT: Wonderland: Clash of Queens #2, Hacktivist #3, Legends of Red Sonja #5, The Midas Flesh #4, My Little Phoney: A Brony Adventure #1, Ninja High School #176, Regular Show #11, The Simpsons Illustrated #10, Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #85, Uber #8, Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #37.

Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers


• American Vampire Vol. 6: Collecting stories from the American Vampire Anthology, The Long Road to Hell, and more.


• Ghostbusters: Total Containment: All 16 issues of IDW's original Ghostbusters series, including The Man From The Mirror, The Most Magical Place On Earth, Haunted America, and Who Ya Gonna Call?.

• Other releases: Batman: Silver Age Newspaper Comics Vol. 1: 1966-67, The Complete Chester Gould Dick Tracy Vol. 16, Device Vol. 3: Traveling Device, Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return, Popeye Classics: Newspaper Comics Vol. 1: 1986-89.


• Rat Queens Vol. 1: Sass & Sorcery: Hannah the Rockabilly Elven Mage, Violet the Hipster Dwarven Fighter, Dee the Atheist Human Cleric and Betty the Hippy Smidgen Thief team up to adventure and drink, not necessarily in that order.

• Other releases: Chew Vol. 8: Family Recipes, Jan's Atomic Heart and Other Stories, Paul Pope: Monsters & Titans, Think Tank Vol. 3, The Walking Dead: Spanish Language Edition Vol. 3.


• Fantomex Max: The X-Men's genetically engineered super-thief goes on a globe-trotting heist.

• Daredevil: End of Days: In a future where Daredevil and Kingpin have been murdered, reporter Ben Ultrich tries to uncover the truth of what happened.

• Other releases: Cable and X-Force Vol. 4: Vendettas, Marvel Masterworks: Rawhide Kid Vol. 1, Uncanny Avengers Vol. 4: Ragnarok, Uncanny X-Force Vol. 3: Great Corruption, Wolver by Aaron Complete Collection Vol. 2.


• The Undertaking of Lily Chen: When his brother unexpectedly dies, a man is exiled by his parents until he finds his brother a dead bride. Along the way, he's meets the perfect girl. The trouble is, she's still alive…

• The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza: A none-too-bright alien and his trusty talking backpack try to deliver an extremely gross pizza in James Kochalka's kids' book.

• Other releases: Alpha Vol. 3: List, Anya's Ghost, Are You Alice? Vol. 4, Bloody Brat Vol. 1, Bloody Cross Vol. 2, Castle Mango Vol. 2, Dim Sum Warriors Vol. 2: Feast of Fury, Fairy Tail Vol. 36, Garth Ennis' Red Team Vol. 1: Season One, Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 15, Hit List, How About Never Is That Good For You?, Iznogood Vols. 4-5, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Vol. 3, Knightingail Vol. 2: Shadow Divisions, Pandora Vox Vols. 1-2, Scorpion Vols. 6-7, Soul Eater Vol. 19, Spooks Vol. 4, 46th State, Sword Art Online Vol. 1: Aicrad, Uber Vol. 1, Wayne Shelton Vol. 2: Betrayal, Witch Buster Vol. 5, Wolf Children: Ame & Yuri.

As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here.