There were a number of incredible moments in Game of Thrones season five, including that massive Wildling/White Walkers fight. But the scene where Drogon flies into the arena in Meereen was incredible, especially after years of imagining it. And now you can see storyboards from it!

Storyboard artist Adrien Van Viersen has posted all of his storyboards from the Game of Thrones episode nine sequence where Drogon rescues Daenerys. There is actually even more incredible dragon-on-Harpy action than what we saw on the screen, and it’s pretty epic to see it all in one place.


Below is just a taste of the great dragon-arena-flame-broil-flight goodness. See the rest at Van Vierson’s site. You can also see Van Vierson’s storyboards from the pilot of The Flash.

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