You've seen the first trailer for the movie adaptation of Ender's Game — now it's time to pick it apart frame-by-frame and uncover the secrets hiding in each second. Get a good look at a Formic ship, the tech-ed out classrooms, the space shuttle school... and most importantly, THE BATTLE ROOM!

The first shot has to be Mazer Rackham's infamous battle with the Formics.

Atmosphere battle between human jets and alien ships — note the alien yellow lightning weapon.

Love how the Bugger ships exit their mothership in a giant swarm.

Harrison Ford as the gruff Colonel Hyrum Graff.

Another shot of the battle and the swarms of alien ship, it's kind of beautiful... right?

Battle School, set in space orbiting the Earth.

The glass dome holds the Battle Room. AAAAAWESOME.

The new weapon of choice, children. P.S. SICK FLASH SUITS GUYS.

Virtual Reality.

The ipad desks IN THE FLESH. Seems so simple now — but back when this book first came out in 1985 a touchscreen desk seemed like an impossibility. THE FUTURE IS NOW.

Viola Davis as Major Gwen Anderson.

Remember when Bean ties himself to the debris in the Battle Room? Yeah, that's in there.

And now a ton of Battle Room shots, because ZERO G FIGHTING.


Battle Room action, looks like their freeze guns (FLASH PISTOLS) shoot out a blue laser. Rad.

Gorgeous shot of a Formic Ship.


Fun Futuristic Jammies. Or perhaps this is what one wears to a MIND GAME. Oh yeah, IT'S CONFIRMED.


The gang. Name everyone GO.

First look at Ben Kingsley as pilot warrior Mazer Rackham. Looks like he's going to have a much larger role in this movie.

Blasting off to Ender's new school in the stars.

Big set up around an alien planet. Uh oh. (Is this how anyone else pictured it? It is for me!)

Is that Ender on a Formic planet?

More alien planet goodness.

Hailee Steinfeld as the very adorable Petra Arkanian.

Playing baseball in a space shuttle.

Abigail Breslin as Ender's beloved sister, Valentine Wiggin.

Underground with Mazer.

Reason #167 they had to "age up" Ender. Not a lot of six-year-olds can pull off that smolder.

Ender prepares himself Minority Report style.

More training, but this time with gravity. Love the white outfits and adidas. And look whose in the background? Nonso Anozie as Sergeant Dap! *Insert one give her back her dragons joke here*

Gorgeous Battle Room shot.

A human vessel is destroyed. But that's not the school.

The big set up for a big battle. Maestro style.

SPOILER ALERT: Clearly this is the final battle. I never thought of it this way, I always imagined Ender with actual devices in his hands. Is this better? Cooler? Or just cheaper?