With the Trinity War over, DC’s bad guys are stealing the spotlight (possibly literally) in a month-long event that begins this week. Meanwhile, The Star Wars finally arrives, the X-Men have their time-traveling-est adventure yet, and Jonathan Hickman’s “sacrilicious” new series arrives, all in this week's comics!

New Issues

Dark Horse:

The Star Wars #1: You’ve heard about it for weeks, but the adaptation of George Lucas’ vastly different first draft of Star Wars Is here! Annakin! Old Luke! Lizard Han Solo! Sexy Darth Vader! It’s like the ultimate Star Wars: What If?


Baltimore: The Infernal Train #1: While waiting in Budapest for Judge Duvic, a mysterious woman tells Baltimore of a way to eradicate vampires forever.

• Other releases: Catalyst Comix #3, Victories #5: Transhuman.



Forever Evil #1: The Justice League is dead, and the villain have triumphed, taking over the DC universe and a month’s worth of DC comics themselves.

DC Vs. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1: When Skeletor escapes to Earth, He-Man and the Masters chase after him, but quickly run afoul of Earth’s heroes.

Batman: Black & White #1: The Eisner award-winning series returns with Batman tales from Chip Kidd and Michael Cho, Neal Adams, Joe Quinones and Maris Wicks, John Arcudi and Sean Murphy, and Howard Mackie and Chris Samnee!

• Other releases: Action Comics #23.1: Cyborg Superman, Ame Comic Girls #7, Batman #23.1: Joker, Batman and Robin #23.1: Two-Face, Batman: The Dark Knight #23.1: Ventriloquist, Detective Comics #23.1: Poison Ivy, Django Unchained #7, Earth 2 #23.1: Desaad, Fairest #19, The Flash #23.1: Grodd, Green Arrow #23.1: Relic, Justice League #23.1: Darkseid, Justice League Dark #23.1: Creeper, Justice League of America #23.1: Deadshot, Legends of the Dark Knight #12, Scooby Doo Where Are You #37, Superman #23.1: Bizarro, Trillium #2.


Danger Girl: The Chase #1: Abbey, Sydney and Sonya play “the most treacherous and dangerous game of hot potato of all time”.

• Other releases: GI Joe: Cobra Files #6, Haunted Horror #6.


Reality Check #1: A comic book artist is dismayed to discover the hero he created has come to life, and won’t return to the comic until he finds love. Even more unfortunately, the hero didn’t arrive alone…

Love Stories to Die For #1: Two epic tales: The first is about a mysterious child, the rabid vampires who want him and the monk and Vikings who stand in the way, and the second is about a woman on a doomed space station who must choose to save her husband or her lover.

• Other releases: A Distant Soil #41, Blackacre #10, Chew #36, Hoax Hunters #105, Invincible Universe #6, Satellite Sam #3, Sheltered #3, Spawn #235, Witchblade #169.


X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1: The X-Men of the future come tell the X-Men of the present that the X-Men of the past who are currently hanging out in the present need to go home in this 50th anniversary tribute to the X-Men’s time-traveling shenanigans.

Infinity #2: Here’s your super-vague official blurb: “The Inhumans pay the tribute. Victory in deep space. The secrets of Thanos.”

• Other releases: All New X-Men #16, Avengers AI #3, Daredevil: Dark Knights #4, Dexter #3, Emerald City of Oz #3, Iron Man #15, Superior Foes of Spider-Man #3, Superior Spider-Man #17, Takio #4, Venom #40, X-Factor #262, X-Men Legacy #16.


God Is Dead #1: Jonathan Hickman’s new comic from Avatar Press examines what happens when the old gods turn out to be real and return to the modern day — but they don’t get the welcome they expected.

Hit #1: A dark and deadly noir from Boom Studios about secret but sanctioned groups of LAPD officers who work as hit squads, taking care of criminals the law can’t touch.

The Mocking Dead #1: Marvel Zombies’ Fred Van Lente examines all the stupidity that needs to happen in the human world for a zombie outbreak to become an epidemic.

• Other releases: 12 Reasons to Die #3, Absolution: Rubicon #3, Archie #647, Army of Darkness Vs. Hack Slash #2, The Black Bat #5, Charismagic Vol. 2 #5, Codename Action #1, Critter Annual #1, Deathmatch #9, Grimm Fairy Tales: Hunters: Shadowlands #4, Grimm Fairy Tales: Down the Rabbit Hole #4, Lords of Mars #2, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 2 #2, The Owl #3, Pathfinder: Goblins #2, Quantum & Woody #3, Red Ten #4, Screwed #4, The Shadow: Year One #5, Shadowman #10, Shahrazad: Prologue, Sonic the Hedgehog #252, Suicide Risk #5, Uber #5, Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #29.

Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers

Dark Horse:

Evangelion: Shinji Detective Diary Vol. 1: An extremely goofy story starring the boys of Evangelion, as Shinji somehow gets enlisted by private eye Kaji and his assistant Kaworu.

• Other releases: Adventures Into the Unknown Archives Vol. 3, Blood Blockade Battlefront Vol. 4, Korak: Son of Tarzan Archives Vol. 2,


Green Lantern: Rise of the Third Army: The Guardians finally decide free will is the universe’s problem, and unleash the Third Army — a legion of unthinking space zombies designed to consume and replace every living being.

Necessary Evil: The Villains of the DC Universe: Need to bone up for DC’s Villains Month? Then check out this trade containing the origins of the DC heroes’ fiercest foes.

• Other releases: American Vampire Vol. 4: Animal Man Vol. 3: Rotworld: The Red Kingdom, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Vol. 1.


G.I. Joe: Cobra Files Vol. 1: The Joe teams battles a terrifying new enemy and welcomes a new member named Chameleon who used to be a member of Cobra.

• Other releases: Judge Dredd Vol. 2, Skippy Vol. 2: The Complete Dailies.


Morning Glories Vol. 5: “Season two” begins with the Glories scattered and the Truants on the attack.

• Other releases: The Legend of Luthor Strode Vol. 2, The Walking Dead Vol. 9.


Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen: Based on the hit ABC show! The twisted relationship between the Evil Queen and the Huntsman is revealed, as well as how the Queen has his heart… literally.

Age of Ultron: The insane artificial intelligence Ultron has taken over the world and killed most of its heroes. Now the few that survive must find a way to reverse the past.

• Other releases: Ender’s Game, Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath, Nova: Origin.


• Attack on Titan Vol. 6, Bionic Man Vol. 2: Bigfoot, Bleach 3-in-1 Vol. 6, Chi Sweet Home Vol. 10, Captain Video Vol. 1, Classic Space 1999: Everything That Was. Collection of Sha, Conan: Red Nails Original Art Archives, Crimson Empire: Circumstances Vol. 2, Dan the Unharmable Vol. 2, Danger Girl/Army of Darkness, Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, Demon Love Spell Vol. 4, Dim Sum Warriors Vol. 1, Dragonball 3-in-1 Vol. 2, Elsewhere Chronicles Vol. 6: Tower of Shadows, Fairy Tail Vol. 29, Heavy Metal’s Dracula, Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos: Endgame, Kodt: Bundle of Trouble Vol. 41, Lenore: Purple Nurples Color Edition, The Little Prince Vol. 11-12, The Lone Ranger Vol. 6: Native Ground, Lord of the Jungle Vol. 2, Mameshiba Enchanted, Max Steel Vol. 1, Merciless: The Rise of Ming, Midnight Secretary Vol. 1, Monsuno Vol. 2, Naruto 3-in-1 Vol. 6, One Piece Vol. 68, Otomen Vol. 16, Pantha Vol. 1, Penny For Your Soul: Joan of Arc, The Phantom Lady Collected Works Vol. 2, Pokémon Adventures Vol. 18, Psyren Vol. 12, Sankarea Vol. 2, The Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Vol. 1, Sonic the Hedgehog Select Vol. 8, Strobe Edge Vol. 6, Waluk.

As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here.