The end may be nigh! As the Utimates face off against the original Galactus in Cataclysm, the fate of the regular Marvel universe is in the hands of its third-most unlikely hero, Longshot! Plus: Girls’ Jonathan Luna returns, the ladies join the battle with Red Sonja, and a queen arrives in My Little Pony, all in this week’s comics!

New Issues

Dark Horse:

Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight #2: The Queen of the Bee Vixens is not pleased, and only Deputy Garcia stands in her way.


The Star Wars #3: Annikin Starkiller and Princess Leia find two droids in the desert, while the Empire tries to arrest General Luke Skywalker.

• Other releases: Baltimore: The Infernal Train #3, Catalyst Comix #5, The Occultist #2, Victories #6.



Forever Evil #3: With the Crime Syndicate in charge, Lex Luthor is humanity’s last hope.

Earth 2 #17: Batman must stop Brutal and Darkseid’s minions from taking over the planet.

Hinterkind #2: Prosper and Angus meet a troll on the Queensboro bridge who decides they’d make a good snack.

• Other releases: Action Comics #25, Batman: Black & White #3, Batman/Superman #5, Batwing #25, Detective Comics #25, Green Arrow #25, Green Lantern #25, The Movement #6, The Phantom Stranger #13, Scooby Doo Where Are You? #39, Stormwatch #25, Superman Unchained #4, Swamp Thing #25, Trillium #4.


Transformers: Dark Cybertron #1: Shockwave’s plan to destroy the Autobots, one million years in the making, finally begins.

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #10: David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor takes Martha to the Griffith Observatory to see Gallifrey, but quickly runs into trouble, Hollywood-style.

• Other releases: Ghostbusters #9, GI Joe: Cobra Files #8, Judge Dredd Classics #5, TMNT #21.


Alex + Ada #1: Girls’ Jonathan Luna returns with a story about a man and the super realistic android that enters his life.

Protectors Inc. #1: In a world with supervillains, superheroes are celebrities and corporate shills… until one of them is murdered by someone who must have had superpowers of his own.

68 Hallowed Ground: Two vets just returned from Vietnam try to hold a small Mississppi church against a zombie horde in this one-shot dedicated to artist Josh Medors, who passed away at age 36.

Drumhellar #1: A paranormal detective gets visions that leads him to a small town full of werewolves, demons, and his ex-girlfriend.

• Other releases:


The Amazing X-Men #1: Wolverine, Storm, Beast and more discover Nightcrawler may be alive, and go on a mission to rescue him.

Cataclysm: The Ultimates’ Last Stand #1: The Ultimates battle the official Galactus in the final battle for the Ultimate Univers.

Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1: When heroes, villains, SHIELD and gods all want Longshot dead, has the mutant’s luck finally run out?

Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom #1: Jane protects a Saudi Arabian princess in New York City.

• Other releases: Captain America #13, Captain America: The First Avengers Adaptation #1, Captain Marvel #17, Daredevil: Dark Knights #6, Emerald City of Oz #4, Fantomex Max #2, Hulk and the Agents of SMASH #2, Iron Man #18, Marvel Knights Spider-Man #2, Mighty Avengers #3, X-Men Legacy #19.


Legends of Red Sonja #1: The most talented women in comics pitch together to tell the most thrilling adventures of the she-devil with a sword.

Ghost Cop #1: A 1945 detective returns from the dead when someone begins copycatting the serial killer who murdered him in 2013.

Shahrazad #1: The teller of Arabian Nights has her own adventures to share.

• Other releases: Absolution: Rubicon #5, All Crime #2, Army of Darkness Vs. Hack/Slash #3, Ballistic #3, Charismagic #6, Dark Shadows #22, Dept. of Monsterology #2, Executive Assistant Assassins #16, Grimm Fairy Tales: Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass #2, God Is Dead #3, The Green Hornet #7, Hit #3, Knightingail: Shadow Divisions #5, Knights of the Dinner Table #202, The Last Zombie #5, Lords of Mars #4, Mr. Toast Comics #6, Pathfinder: Goblins #4, Penny for Your Soul Death #3, Quantum & Woody #5, Regular Show #5, Regular Show: Skips #1, Robocop: Last Stand #4, Rogues #5, Screwed #6, The Shadow Now #2, Shadowman #12, Steam Engines of Oz #3, Steampunk Halloween #1, Suicide Risk #7, The Lone Ranger #19, Trish Out of Water #2, Uber #7, Vampirella #36.

Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers

Dark Horse:

Plants Vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon: Crazy Dave, his niece Patrice and a boy named Nate use plant power to fight off a zombie invasion in this comic based on the hit game.


The Judas Coin: Walter Simonson’s unusual story of how the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas for betraying Jesus have affected the DC universe, past, present and future.

Justice League of America Vol. 1: Steve Trevor assembles a team of hero and villains to take out the real Justice League, if need be.

Django Unchained: DC’s graphic novelization of Quentin Tarantino’s ode to blacksploitation movies.

• Other releases: All-Star Western Vol. 3: Black Diamond Probability, Batman: Night of the Owls, Fraction, Sandman Omnibus Vol. 2.


My Little Pony: The Return of Queen Chrysalis Deluxe Red Label Edition: A super-special edition of the hit graphic novel with a hand-drawn sketch, and with four exclusive covers.

Comics About Cartoonists Sketch Edition: The hit collection of comics about its most famous artists gets a special edition with a blank cover, to commission your own cover from your favorite artist!

• Other releases: Bone: The Great Cow Race Artist’s Edition, The Crow: Midnight Legends Vol. 5: Resurrection, Doctor Who vol. 3: Sky Jacks, GI Joe: Complete Collection Red Label Edition, My Little Pony Portfolio, Star Trek Vol. 1 Red Label Edition.


Invincible Universe Vol. 1: Invincible and the other heroes of the world try to hold the planet together after Dinosaurs’ attack.

• Other releases: Aphrodite IX: Rebirth Vol. 1, Blackacre Vol. 2, Manhattan Projects Vol. 3.


SHIELD Origins: A collection of the most important SHIELD stories, from Hawkeye and Black Widow’s first mission, how Nick Fury Jr. took his father’s job, and more.

Thanos: Redemption: When his lover death scorns him, Thanos vows to change his ways — but Galactus, the Beyonder and the Fallen One stand in the Titan’s way.

• Other releases: Hawkeye Vol. 1, Marvel Firsts Viol. 1: The 1980s, Thor: The Dark World: The Art of the Movie, Oz: Road to Oz, Uncanny X-Men Vol. 2: Broken, West Coast Avengers Omnibus Vol. 2.


47 Ronin: Mike Richardson and Usagi Yojimbo’s Stan Sakai adapt Japans most famous story, about 47 samurai who are determined to avenge their master’s death, no matter the cost.

• H.P. Lovecraft’s Shadow Out of Time: A man wakes up in 1913, having lost five years of his life, the only clues the disturbing visions he sees in his dreams.

Julius Caesar: Campfire Edition: A fun, accessible comic adaptation of the classic play by Shakespeare.

• Other releases: Air Gear Vol. 29, Airboy G8, Assassin’s Creed: Ankh of Isis Trilogy, Attack on Titan Vol. 8, Bakuman: Complete Box Set, Bionic Man Vs. The Bionic Woman, Caligula Vol. 2, Charley’s War vol. 10: The End, The Devil Is Due in Dreary, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Vol. 8, Fairy Tail Vol. 31, the Green Hornet Vol. 1, Grimm Vol. 1, Higurashi Vol. 23, The Incredible Cuteness of Being, Johnny Hiro Vol. 2: Skills to Pay the Bills, Look Straight Ahead, Maria M., Maximum Ride Vol. 7, Midnight Secretary Vol. 2, Miss Fury Vol. 1: Anger Is an Energy, Naruto Vol. 63, Pandora Hearts Vol. 18, Psyren Vol. 13, Rpbun Hood Vol. 2: Wanted, Sailor Moon Kodansha Box Set #3, Sankarea Vol. 3: Undying Love, Scott Pilgrim Color Vol. 4, Rhe Spider Vol. 2: Businessman from Hell, Steam Engines of Oz Vol. 1, Strobe Edge Vol. 7, Sweet Rein Vol. 1, Tegami Bachi Vol. 15, Tzuka’s Ode to Kirihito Part Two, Ultimo Vol. 9, Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 1: Ronin, Wampirella Strikes, Wolfsmund Vol. 2.

As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here.