Not bad, Amazing Spider-Man 2, not bad at all. I'm still not sure about cramming all of those villains in there (and I'm still not sure how I feel about Andrew Garfield as Spidey) but clearly the movie will not be without its awesome action sequences.


A few thoughts:

• Did Spidey jump out of a plane there at the beginning?


• Dane DeHaan looks like a comic book supervillain, so good casting there.

• I assume we'll finally get the Peter's parents stuff cut from the first movie, although it would be really funny if they cut it again.

• That's Doc Ock's rig there in the Oscorp labs, and maybe the Vulture's harness?


• Well, that explains why Harry and not Norman is suiting up.

• That said, what the hell is up with Harry's hair in the Goblin rig?