The Team Behind the Disastrous Spider-Man Musical Is Bringing a Live-Action Transformers Event to China

Hey, remember Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark? The Spider-Man broadway show that someone somewhere thought was a great idea, before it turned out that no, oh God no it wasn’t? Well, the company behind it are heading to China for a new venture: a live-action Transformers attraction that sounds similarly atrocious.


The Next Generation Of Transformers Toys Harkens Back To The Classics—With Transforming Heads

Play features were all the rage with the Transformers toys when they first released—anything and everything to gets kids begging to buy the new mini-Transformer that transforms into something for an even bigger Transformer. Now one of those beloved action features is making a comeback in the next wave of Transfomers!

This Transforming Lego Optimus Prime Must Be Bending the Laws of Physics

Half of me wants to believe that this amazing Lego version of Optimus Prime (the Michael Bay movie version) that can actually transform into a robot is legit. But the other half of me is having a hard time believing that Ralph Savelsberg didn’t just hire Industrial Light & Magic to help fake these photos with CG.