Absurdly Fast Human Catapult Goes From 0 to 125 Miles-Per-Hour in One Second

Dubai is equal parts engineering marvel and rich person playground. It’s where drones race pricey supercars and skateboarders rent out and drain entire waterparks for their amusement. It’s also where BASE jumpers Chris Douggs McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert shot themselves 300 feet into the air just for the fuck of it.


Deadpool, the X-Men, and ID4's Jeff Goldblum Join a British Soccer Team for Some Truly Bizarre Video Promos

Look, for this job I watch a lot of promotional videos. Trailers and TV spots and ads and featurettes—everything studios do in the neverending pole-dance that is trying to get people to see their movies. Sometimes, movies are paid a lot of money to let other companies sell shit using their characters and I have to…

Netflix PR Preps Men for 'Day Without Sports' With Boring Sexist Email

In honor of July 15, known extremely occasionally as the “Day Without Sports” (because no professional sports air on television), NYC-based PR firm MSL Group circulated a list on behalf of Netflix of streamable rom coms and sports movies that both men and women will enjoy. Thank you, Netflix, now go shove your dick in…