Google's New Science Journal App Turns Your Android Phone Into a Lab Full of Sensors

If you’re working on a rocket destined for Mars, Google’s new Science Journal app might be a bit limited. But if you’re an aspiring scientist, the free app will turn an Android smartphone or tablet into laboratory full of experiments by grabbing data from the device’s various sound, light, and motion sensors.


Martian Author Andy Weir Tells Congress What We Really Need to Be Focusing on in Space

Yesterday, the House Science, Space and Technology Committee met with NASA and leading aerospace companies to discuss future deep space habitats. As Congressional hearings go, it sounds like an enthralling topic. But the most interesting part of the meeting was not a spirited debate over the merits of expandable space…

Watch Musical Tesla Coils Electrify an Audience in Glorious 360 Video

Anyone who attended this year’s Maker Faire Austin had the joy of catching electrifying live performances by Arc Attack, a team that makes music with two gigantic transformer coils (a.k.a., “Tesla coils”). They’re a popular staple of the festival circuit. Now Caleb Kraft, senior editor for Make, has captured one of…