The New Lego Star Wars Game Gives Us an Official Parody of the First Force Awakens Trailer

Way back in the old days of Thanksgiving 2014, when we got our first ever look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was inevitably followed up by tons of amazing parody remakes—including the customary Lego versions. But now we have what is essentially an official parody of that first teaser trailer, and it’s amazing.

It Took 26 Hours to Build a Custom Lego AT-AT That's Six Times Larger Than the Official Model

Lego sells some impressively large and obscenely expensive models (the $800 Super Star Destroyer comes to mind) but the company does have its limits. Its largest AT-AT set tops out at 1,000 pieces, but this custom build pushes that to well over 6,000, which explains why it’s so gloriously detailed.

The Heroes and Villains Of The Force Awakens Are Being Turned Into Lego Figures

Earlier this year, Lego announced a line of “Constraction” Star Wars toys—Bionicle-esque poseable figures that you built out of Lego pieces. It’s perhaps not surprising to hear that the line is being updated with characters from The Force Awakens, but now we’ve got a good look at what these figures look like!