io9 Halloween Costume Show Week 3: Sexy Donatello, Retro Kitty Pryde, and Serious Comic Book Cred!

Every year io9 does a Halloween costume fashion show where you can show us your coolest, shiniest, and most astounding cosplay creations. This week we've got another batch of your incredible fantasy incarnations, selected from your amazing posts in the past two weeks — see all the costumes from previous posts here.


io9 Halloween Costume Show Week 2: A Bungee-Jumping Buzz Lightyear, a Handmade Vampire Diaries Dress, and More!

Welcome to the second week of io9's annual Halloween Costume Show! Last week, you guys knocked our fluffy animal slippers off with your incredible, creative costume show. Holy crap, are you all cosplaying geniuses? It was insanely hard to pick which ones to feature in our gallery this week. But luckily you can see…