Dungeons & Dragons Is Heading to Magic: The Gathering's Gothic Land of Innistrad

Recently Wizards of the Coast surprised fans with Plane Shift: Zendikar, a D&D supplement that let players plan campaigns set in a plane of existence from Magic: The Gathering—a first-ever crossover between the two venerable fantasy worlds. Now they’re at it again, but this time it’s a journey to the creepy Innistrad,…

Why Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman Makes For an Amazing Comic Hero, Nearly Four Decades Later 

There are so many different versions of Wonder Woman, but one still stands for many as the definitive Diana: Lynda Carter’s iconic portrayal in the Wonder Woman TV series. For the past few years, DC has been telling new stories in this universe as Wonder Woman ‘77, and we sat down with series writer Marc Andreyko to…

Director Duncan Jones Answers All Your Burning Questions About the Warcraft Movie

As much as Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie tries to be a faithful adaptation of the popular game series, fans surely noticed some massive, massive differences between the two. The paths of many popular characters changed, stories pivoted in unexpected ways, and cities literally shifted. To make sense of it all, we went…


Dog Religion, Armored Cats, and More: Enter the Fantastical Animal Apocalypse of Legend

It’s the end of the world as we know it, but at least our pets feel fine. They’re virtually the only survivors in the new hit comic Legend, after a virus wipes out almost all human life, and dogs, cats, and the other animals of the world find themselves in charge of a world that has been turned into a very weird place.