Chip Zdarsky Dishes on the Action Figure Fantasies of His Wonderfully Bizarre Comic Kaptara

Earlier this year, we called Kaptara a sci-fi comic to watch out for, but it’s already so much more than that. We sat down with writer Chip Zdarsky to look at where the series is going, its sci-fi/fantasy twist, and the oodles of action figures that inspired the crazy world that Keith Kanga finds himself trapped on.


How a Crazy Space-Vampire Comic Like Interceptor Could Be the Next Big Comic Book Movie

There’s been a bit of a running trend of comics getting picked up for movie adaptations even before they release an issue—and Heavy Metal’s next big creator-owned series, Interceptor, is joining that trend. We sat down with writer Donny Cates to discuss the wild new series, and what it’s like having your comic turned…

How Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Became One Of Marvel's Biggest (And Cutest) New Comics

Even with a host of new comics coming from Marvel lately, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur sounds like one of the most interesting (and adorable). To find out more, we sat down with writers Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder to discuss how they and artist Natacha Bustos brought back a classic Jack Kirby creation—with a…