The Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossover Has Had Its Mandatory Hero Fight, and It Is Fantastic

It’s the oldest rule in the crossover book: if two disparate heroes or groups of heroes are going to team up, it’s only after they tussle with each other first. The Batman/TMNT series has just had its own clash, and not only is it a great fight, it’s a perfect example of why this crossover has been a blast to read so…

In This Week's New Comics, a Village of Animals Is Gripped By the Fear of Aliens Among Them

It’s an incredibly quiet week in new comics... almost too quiet. Such a sinister environ is perfect for the release of Wild’s End: The Enemy Within, the follow-up to the fantastic tale of 1930s anthropomorphic animals holding off an alien invasion (or so they thought!). Let’s dig in and check out whats new in comics…


Fall Comics Preview: A Guide to the Awesome New Comics to Add to Your Pull List

Who needs movies and TV this fall when you’ve got so many comics to read? The next few months are shaping up to be a monumental time for comics—at both publishers big and small. Want to see what’s coming to your pile of must-reads in the next three months? Read on for a sneak peek of over 100 new comics coming soon!