Ayn Rand Wrote a Guide for Hollywood on How to Make Pro-Capitalist Movies

Today, Ayn Rand is perhaps best known as your virgin cousin’s favorite author to fawn over during Thanksgiving dinner. But back in the 1940s, Rand was better known for helping root out Communists in Hollywood. She testified to Congress and even wrote an entire pamphlet about how to make their movies as pro-America as…


Neuropsychologist Has a Secret Life as a Bullwhip-Cracking Stuntwoman 

Indiana Jones proved just how useful a good bullwhip can be, both as a tool and as a weapon, but people are still surprised when neuropsychologist Jessica Cail tells them that one of her favorite hobbies is practicing whip-cracking. She talks about this peculiar sideline in the latest installment of the NOVA video…

The Force Awakens Actor Was A Marine Before Picking Up A Lightsaber And Becoming Kylo Ren

Adam Driver, until recently best known for his work on the HBO hit series Girls, was a U.S. Marine before becoming an actor and eventually becoming The Force Awakens primary villain, the masked Kylo Ren. He briefly recounted this crazy journey on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week.

Matt Damon Interrupts Successful Black Woman Filmmaker to Explain Diversity to Her

Last night was the fourth season premiere of HBO’s Project Greenlight—a Matt Damon and Ben Affleck passion project where they give first time filmmakers the chance to make a movie. It also provided a platform for Matt Damon to deliver a masterclass in whitesplaining—a whitesplaining sermon, if you will.