Hannibal Bids a Gorgeously Gory Farewell That Offers Few Surprises, But Plenty of Satisfaction

The dreaded moment has arrived: Hannibal as we know it is no more. At its heart, the show’s always been about the complex (to put it mildly) relationship between Will and Hannibal; necessarily, the finale digs deep into TV’s most fraught twosome ... along with serving up buckets of stomach-roiling gore.

There Is No Hannibal Recap Today Because Hannibal Now Airs On Saturdays

Ohhhh NBC. First you cancel Hannibal, then you “downgrade” it by moving it from Thursday night to Saturday night, aka TV’s boneyard? After this week, there are still six episodes, and we haven’t even met Francis Dolarhyde yet! Fortunately, despite all the bad news, the show still held its Comic-Con panel.