Simple Lines Explain Why Your Brain Loves Great Cinematography

It’s easy to pinpoint certain things you love about a movie. I love Total Recall because of Arnold Schwarzenegger and scenes with exploding eyeballs. But in a great film, there is much more going on unconsciously that makes your brain love certain moments over others. Composition Camera walks through some of film’s…


Quentin Tarantino's Characters Enter and Exit Side-By-Side in This Entertaining Edit

Spoiler alert, obviously. Actually, are there really spoiler alerts when it comes to movies by Quentin Tarantino? Everybody knows that everybody dies. Room 237 made this really fun video of characters from all of QT’s films, like Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds, showing their first and last appearances.


100 Years of Film History Retold with the Best Shot in Each Year

If you want to go through the history of cinema, you could easily just check out who won what when. There are awards given out to films every year and the importance we place on those awards allow those films to live on long after they’re first made. But this video compilation of 100 shots in 100 years by Jacob T.…