9 Maps That Show How Completely Bizarre Your Christmas Eve Weather Will Be

Even if you don’t end up putting grandma on a hoverboard, this Christmas Eve is set to be the weirdest in recent memory. No jacket required for much of the normally frigid East Coast, while the West Coast freezes its usually balmy buns off? Here’s a look at the meteorological surreality of the December 24 forecast.

Why Algae Could Be the Greatest—and Trickiest—Fuel Source of All

From powering airplanes to replacing nuclear energy, algae has been touted as a green energy miracle. So if our waterways are already filled with the stuff, why isn’t it filling the world’s skies with biofueled planes? Algae is a tricky creature that presents a lot of challenges and misconceptions. Here’s why it’s…


Earth's Tropical Rainforests Could Look Completely Different By the End of the Century

In 2005, an intense heatwave struck a mountaintop rainforest in northeast Australia. Accounts of the event were rather apocalyptic: birds dropping dead out of the sky; entire patches of forest withering to a crisp. But the biggest casualty of all was a snow-white furball that scampered amongst the branches at the…