An iPhone Charging in Midair Is the Coolest CES Demo I’ve Ever Seen

Like calling those two-wheeled, self-balancing monstrosities hoverboards, the term ‘wireless charging’ has been incorrectly used to describe many technologies that really aren’t. But for the first time ever, today I held an iPhone in my hand that was charging without a single cable connected to it, and I was wowed.

Buy FLIR's Tiny New Thermal Camera If You Want to Spy on Your Dog

The FLIR Scout TK is a compact night-vision camera, with heat sensors capable of taking thermal images from up to 100 yards away. Unlike other FLIR offerings, you don’t need your smartphone to use this one, it weighs six ounces, it doesn’t need ambient light to operate, and its four-inch length means it’s easy to tuck…

D-Link's Wireless Router Twins Ensure There Are No Dead Spots in Your House

Even with countless antennas pointing in all directions, most consumer-level routers can’t create a wifi network that covers every last corner of a large house. So instead of selling you a wireless extender once you realize that, D-Link now has a kit with twin routers that guarantees comprehensive wifi coverage from…

The Only Thing Cooler Than an R2-D2 Fridge Is an R2-D2 Fridge With a Built-In Projector

Ever since Star Wars first hit theaters back in 1977, fans have been asking themselves: “when are we going to get a remote control R2-D2 mini fridge with a built-in hi-def video projector?” The answer to that question, it turns out, is at the Consumer Electronics Show next month in Vegas.