In 1997, Last Unicorn Games released Dune: Eye of the Storm, the first installment of a Dune collectible card game. These paintings for the game, by artist Mark Zug, offer a gorgeous return to Frank Herbert's world.

Zug explains that when he first began these paintings for Last Unicorn, he was told that the design of the game would be based on David Lynch's Dune film, but later he was told to steer clear of the Lynchian designs. So some of his paintings look quite close to the film, while at least one includes an original character—one who doesn't appear in any prior Dune media.

You can see more of Zug's Dune paintings on his website.


Dune, the Card Game [Mark Zug via MetaFilter]

Dune, the Card Game [Mark Zug via MetaFilter]