Labor Day isn't just an excuse to barbecue or squeeze in one last trip to the beach; it's also the day we remember the contributions of workers to society. These scifi, fantasy, and superheroines pay tribute to the wartime labor icon Rosie the Riveter—and show off their guns.

"Buffy the Riveter" by AJ Paglia

"Leia the Riveter 2: The Alliance Strikes Back" by Thomas Sullivan


"Rosie the Riveter and Winry Rockbell" by Joao Couto

"We Can Do It" by Oliver Barrett for iam8bit's Street Fighter 25th Anniversary show


Captain Marvel #2, Cover Art by Ed McGuinness

She-Hulk #9, Cover Art by Mike Mayhew

"Diana the Woman" by Shane Carey

"Wonder Woman Rosie the Riveter" by Nick Mockoviak

"Wonderfully Riveting" by *RaJoMu

"l. rosie the riveter" by Dave Shabet, from Dead Winter

"This Was a Triumph" by Jesse Rubenfeld

Kick-Ass Movie Poster

"Janine the Riveter" by Jason Fitzsimmons

"Rogue the Riveter" by LeeMinKyo

"Leela the Riveter" by Bob Fitzpatrick

"FemShep: We Can Do It!" by Bill Mudron

"Rosie the Riveter Cap" by Scott Blair, inspired by Stephanie Castro's 2012 Comic Con cosplay

by Caldwell Tanner and Nathan Yaffe

"Kaylee the Riveter" via RockBetter

"Samus the Riveter" Limited Edition Tee from Shirtpunch

"Toph - We Can Do It" by SpazztasticFanGirl

"We Can Bend It" by Rachael Thomas

"We Can Do It (Asami)" by Lauren Bennett

"Wonderella as Rosie the Riveter" by Dylan Meconis

And occasionally some non-lady types get in on the act:

"Robo the Riveter" by Scott Wegener