Seriously. Don't leave the room. Don't blink. Don't fall asleep—or else risk losing your little ones to Haven's latest Trouble.


Sometimes Haven goes a bit overboard with its Trouble of the week, getting so heavy-handed with the special effects that it's hard to care much about the Trouble or the people it affects. But this week's Trouble was a simple, creepy mystery involving disappearing kids who are in danger of dying of exposure. It doesn't quite cross into X-Files level of spookiness, but it did give us a couple of nice, solid horror moments. One is when we first see the photo of the Trouble demon, who looks like a 10-year-old kid with anglerfish fangs. The other is when one of the mothers leaves her helmeted, video game-playing child while she goes to check the alarms. Even though we, the viewers, know that the boy will disappear as soon she's out of the room, mama coming back to find a stuffed animal wearing her son's helmet is a simultaneously funny and unsettling image. More of this please, Haven!

However, I think my favorite parts of this episode involve Duke trying to get Jennifer to relax and access her connection to the barn. These two really make a sweet pair, and as screwed-up as Haven is, this relaxation and acceptance of herself and her Trouble seem to be exactly what Jennifer needs.


Jennifer may also end up having the easiest relationship with Audrey now that she is for certain no longer Audrey. Now Lexie is done cooling her heels in the bar(n) and it's time for her to return to Haven. For an instant, when William told her that she would be whomever she wanted to be when she left the barn, I thought perhaps that she would return to Haven not as Lexie but as Audrey, the person who had real, flesh-and-blood friends. I wonder if Lexie was too tentative to surrender herself completely and become Audrey again, or if Audrey was unwilling to resurface. It may be somehow useful for Audrey to keep wiping her memory, losing her attachments so that she can focus on helping the Troubled. Or perhaps she knew she'd have to kill Nathan if she returned to Haven as Audrey and simply wasn't willing to do that.

Of course, Lexie doesn't have a person that she loves the most in the world. She's a babe in Haven's freaky woods—and Nathan may very well not be her type. Plus, I imagine that, armed with the knowledge that she'll have to kill the person she loves most, Lexie will try very hard to keep herself from falling in love at all.