Is True Blood too... slow-paced for you? Then you should probably pick up Dark Horse’s new series Kiss Me Satan, in which a variety of monsters hunt down a witch and her demon bodyguard for a New Orleans mob boss who happens to be a werewolf. But there’s more monsters, melancholy and madness in this week’s comic releases!

New Issues

Dark Horse:

Buzzkill #1: A superhero who only gets super when he’s drunk battles villains while sober and himself when he drinks.


Kiss Me Satan #1: A demon bodyguard must protect a witch whose death has been ordered by the local werewolf mob boss.

• Other releases: BPRD: Hell on Earth #111, Conan the Barbarian #20, Dream Thief #5, Star Wars: Dark Times: The Spark Remains #3, Strain: The Fall #3.



Superman #23.3: He’l: After his defeat at the hands of Superman, He’l mysteriously wakes up on Krypton before it was destroyed.

Justice League #23.3: Dial E: An epilogue to the great and yet canceled Dial H, as four young criminals find an E-dial.

• Other releases: 100 Bullets: Brother Lono #4, Action Comics #23.3: Lex Luthor, Arrow #11, Batman #23.3: Penguin, Batman ’66 #3, Batman and Robin #23.3: Ra’s Al Ghul, Batman Beyond Universe #2, Batman: The Dark Knight #23.3: Clayface, Detective Comics #23.3: Scarecrow, Fables #133, The Flash #23.3: Rogues, Green Lantern #23.3: Black Hand, Justice League Dark #23.2: Eclipso, Justice League of America #7.3: Shadow Thief, Swamp Thing #23.1: Arcane, Teen Titans #23.2: Deathstoke, Wonder Woman #23.1: Cheetah.


Half Past Danger #5: Official description: “It's U-Boat versus U-Boat in a tense underwater battle to the death that could determine the entire fate of the dinosaurs, and perhaps that of Tommy's very soul.” Nice.

Transformers: Regeneration One #0: Hot Rod and the rest of the Transformers are hurtled towards the end of time.

• Other releases: Doctor Who Classics #4, Doctor Who Vol. 3 #13, Ghostbusters #7, Popeye Classics #14, Thunder Agents #2, TMNT: New Animated Adventures #3, The X-Files Season 10 #4.


Zero #1: Spy Edward Zero finds a secret weapon, only to discover the weapon is inside a bio-modified terrorist — and everybody wants it.

• Other releases: Aphrodite IX #5, Bounce #5, Cyber Force #6, The Darkness #115, Great Pacific #10, Mice Templar IV: Legend #7, Mind the Gap #14, Peter Panzerfaust #14, Savage Dragon #191.


Captain Marvel #16: Spider-Woman and Black Widow make a plan to rescue Captain Marvel, only to discover Captain Marvel doesn’t need rescuing.

Infinity #3: Attilan falls as a worldkiller is stolen.

• Other releases: Cable and X-Force #16, Morbius the Living Vampire #9, New Avengers #10, Powers Bureau #7, Savage Wolverine #8, Secret Avengers #9, Superior Carnage #3, Superior Spider-Man #18, Thor: God of Thunder #13, Thunderbolts #15, Ultimate Comics X-Men #31, Uncanny X-Men #12, Venom #41, Wolverine Max #11, X-Men: Legacy #17.


Accelerators #3, Adventure Time #20, All New Executive Assistant Iris #1, Bettie Page in Danger #9, Bloodshot & Hard Corps #14, Bravest Warriors #12, Bubblegun #3, Crossed Special 2013, Damsels: Mermaids #5, Dark Shadows #20, Gold Digger #16, Hellraiser: Dark Watch #8, Jennifer Blood #31, Magic Whistle #13, Mega Man #29, Numbercruncher #3, The Shadow Annual 2013, Six Gun Gorilla #4, Sixth Gun #34, Sonic Universe #56, Supurbia #11, The Lone Ranger #18, Vampirella #34, X-O Manowar #17.

Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers

Dark Horse:

Smoke/Ashes: A reporter and an assassin go on the run from evil oil conglomerates and an insane artificial intelligence.

Star Wars Vol. 1: In the Shadow of Yavin: Brian Wood’s acclaimed new Star Wars comic is set in-between ANH and Empire Strikes Back, as Princess Leia forms a secret X-Wing squadron to ferret out a spy.

• Other releases: Angel & Faith Vol. 4: Death & Consequences, The Conan Phenomenon, Star Wars: Dark Times Vol. 6: Fire Carrier.


The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice: A fantastic stand-alone Unwritten tale that reveals the origin of the fictional character of Tommy Taylor, the creation of the real-life Tom Taylor, and how they’re inextricably linked.

Batwoman Vol. 3: World’s Finest: Batwoman teams up with Wonder Woman to take down Medusa and her army of monsters, and save Gotham’s children.

• Other releases: Arrow Vol. 1, Batwoman Vol. 2: To Drown the World, Secret Society of Super Villains Vol. 1, Stormwatch Vol. 3: Betrayal, World of Warcraft: Pearl of Pandaria.


Joe Hill’s The Cape: Deluxe Edition: This dark bust fascinating tale has nothing to do with the goofy NBC show. A kid is granted superhero powers, but at a heavy cost. Now the troubled adult he’s become is looking for revenge.

• Other releases: Popeye Classic Vol. 2, Star Trek: Best of Klingons, Star Trek: The Newspaper Strips Vol. 2, TMNT Classic Vol. 6, Transformers: Robots in Disguise Vol. 4.


Five Ghosts Vol. 1: The Haunting of Fabian Gray: A treasure hunter is possessed by the ghost of five literary characters, including Merlin, Robin Hood, and Sherlock Holmes — but also receives their powers.

Lost Vegas: A gambler plans the greatest heist in the universe, but there’s more at stake than a mere treasure.

• Other releases: Bomb Queen Deluxe Edition Vol. 3, Century West, Morning Glories Deluxe Edition Vol. 2, The Walking Dead: Spanish Language Edition Vol. 1.


Inhumans: Origin of the Inhumans: Get caught up with everything you need to know about Attilan right before it goes to hell in Infinity #3.

Wolverine: The Return of Weapon X: Wolverine battles a new villain, his dead mentor, a murder charge, and the return of the agency that brainwashed him and gave him his adamantium skeleton.

• Other releases: All New X-Men Vol. 3: Out of Their Depth, Iron Man epic Collection: The Enemy Within, Marvel Masterworks Daredevil Vol. 7, Red She-Hulk Vol. 2: Route 616, Thunderbolts Vol. 2: Red Scare.


Madwoman of the Sacred Heart: A troubled professor gets caught up in a cult when he’s chosen to father a new savior, but is this God’s will or is he just mad?

Sailor Moon Short Stories Vol.1: These shorter adventures of the Sailor Scouts include birthday trouble, a sprite infestation, and a new vampire student.

• Other releases: Arisa Vol. 11, Big Wet Balloon, DNA Failure, Everybody Is Stupid Except for Me: Expanded Edition, Evil Diva Vol. 2, Harbinger Wars, The Heap: Slipcase Edition, Honey West: Girl for Hire, Hoodlum Vol. 1: Under the Thumb, Infernal Devices Vol. 2: Clockwork Prince, Pompeii, Red eye Black Eye, Reggie 12, Romeo & Juliet: Candlewick, School Spirits, Smash Vol. 1, Syuff of Legend Vol. 4: Toy Collector, Stumptown Vol. 2, Swipe, Technopriests: Supreme Collection.

As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here.