Google Maps has taken us into the Grand Canyon, to Japan's abandoned Battleship Island, and under the sea, and now it allows us to venture to the Galápagos from the comfort of our desks.

This post may take a while to load, but there is some fun Google Street View goodness below.

Google Maps teamed up with the Directorate of the Galápagos National Park and Charles Darwin Foundation to bring Street View imagery of the islands to the Internet-browsing public. You can tour them on Google Maps, or just enjoy the brilliant panoramas—including a few peeks inside the Charles Darwin Research Station:



The team is also looking to encourage a bit of armchair citizen science. Head over to Darwin for a Day, and try to identify the flora and fauna you spot during your Google Maps trek. All of the information you share will be shared with the iNaturalist community and the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Street View Galápagos [via Laughing Squid]