Marvel's Original Sin and DC's New 52: Future's End summer comic events start tomorrow, but why not skip the spectacle and try something new? Something like, say, James Tynion IV's new series Woods, about a school field trip that takes an accidental detour to a primordial forest at the edge of the universe? Plus a Godzilla movie prequel, zombie animals, and more!

New Issues

Dark Horse:

• Veil #3: Veil loses an ally but gains a pursuer.


• Other releases: Angel and Faith Season 10 #2, Bad Blood #5, Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight #8, Terminator Salvation: Final Battle #6, Victories #11.



• New 52: Future's End #1: Five years in the future, all the superheroes are Borg-like killing machines. Batman Beyond travels into the past in order to Days of Future Past things up.

• Other releases: Aquaman and the Others #2, Astro City #12, Batman Eternal #5, Batman/Superman #10, Batwing #31, Detective Comics #31, Earth 2 #23, Fairest #26, Green Arrow #31, Green Lantern #31, Hinterkind #7, Justice League 3000 #6, The Movement #12, Scooby Doo Team-Up #4, Swamp Thing #31, Teen Titans Annual #3, Trinity of Sin: the Phantom Stranger #19, The Vampire Diaries #5, The Wake #8.


• The Crow: Pestilence #3: Salvador and the Crow strike back.

• Other releases: Black Dynamite #2, Illegitimates #5, Jinnrise #10, The Maxx Maxximized #7, Powerpuff Girls #9, Rocky & Bullwinkle #3, Sinister Dexter #6, TMNT Color Classics #7.


• Madame Frankenstein #1: A scientist reanimates the corpse of the love of his life. It does not go well.

• Nailbiter #1: An NSA Agent teams up with a serial killer to find a friends that's gone missing in a town that produces serial killers.

• Other releases: '68 Rule of War #2, Alex + Ada #6, Aphrodite IX #10, Apocalypse Al #4, Burn the Orphanage: Reign of Terror #1, Clone #16, Cyber Force #9, Fatale #22, Rat Queens #6, Real Heroes #2, Revenge #3, Revival #20, Satellite Sam #8, Spawn #243.


• Original Sin #1: The Watcher has been murdered, and now someone holds all of the Marvel universe's darkest secrets.

• Cyclops #1: Scott Summers gets some family time with his space pirate dad.

• Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1: Miles is back, but so is a villain from Peter Parker's past.

• Other releases: All New X-Factor #7, Amazing Spider-Man #1.1, Black Widow #6, Deadpool Vs. Carnage #3, Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #2, Loki: Agent of Asgard #4, Magneto #3, Miracleman #5, Moon Knight #3, New Warriors #5, The Punisher #5, Savage Wolverine #18, She-Hulk #4.


• Woods #1: A massive school field trip of student and teachers realize the forest their in isn't on Earth But where are they, and how did they get here? And more importantly, what else is lurking in these woods?

• Day Men: Pen & Ink #1: Brian Stelfreeze offers a writer's commentary and his original inks in this special edition.

• Chaos #1: Chaos Comics' stars Purgatori, Chastity, Evil Ernie and The Chosen join forces when they share a vision of the apocalypse.

• Other releases: Adventure Time: Flip Side #5, Archer & Armstrong #20, Bar Maid #5, The Black Bat #10, Caliban #2, Critter #20, Crossed Badlands #53, Dead Letters #2, Epic #1, Fathom Kiani #3, Grimm Fairy Takes: #97, God Is Dead #12, Liberator: Earth Crisis #2, Miss Fury #10, Necromantical #1, Red Sonja #9, Revelations #94, Rex: Zombie Killer #4, Shahrazad #5, Sixth Gun #40, Sugar Booger #2, Suicide Risk #13, The Lone Ranger #24, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #4, WWE #4.

Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers

Dark Horse:

• The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys Vol. 1: Gerard Way's hit new series about the last of the Killjoys, who must again save the people from the mega-corporations controlling their lives.

• SHOOT First: A group of hardened atheists fight angels, demons and other supernatural problems wit the power of the disbelief.

• Other releases: Alley Oop: The Complete Sundays Vol. 1, Conan and the People of the Black Circle, Emily and the Strangers Vol. 1, Magnus Archives Vol. 3, Star Wars Omnibus: Dark Times Vol. 2.


• Godzilla: Awakening: This graphic novel prequel to the upcoming Godzilla movie is set in the '50s, as a Japanese scientist and the U.S. military encounter Godzilla for the first time... as well as his foe. Two words, guys: "Moansta Island."

• Batman Vol. 4: Zero Year: Secret City: Bruce Wayne secretly returns to Gotham City to fight the rampaging Red Hood gang.

• Other releases: All Star Western Vol. 4: Gold Standard, Batman Vol. 3: Death of the Family, Saga of the Swamp Thing Book Six, Watchmen: International Edition, World of Warcraft: Dark Riders.


• The Other Dead: In a world where the animals also turn into zombies, the survivors have it so much worse.

• Amelia Cole and the Hidden War: Magic-wielding Amelia must protect an increasing dangerous Hidden World.

• Other releases: GI Joe: A Real American Hero Vol. 9, In the Dark: Horror Anthology, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Vol. 4, TMNT: New Animated Adventures Vol. 2.


• Burn the Orphanage Vol. 1: Born to Lose, I Kill Giants: Fifth Anniversary Edition, Invincible Universe Vol. 2, Todd The Ugliest Kid on Earth Vol. 2.


• X-Men: No More Humans: The mutants wake up to discover all homor sapiens have disappeared in this original graphic novel.

• X-Men: Adamantium Collection: $200 of the best X-Men stories of all time.

• Other releases: Age of Ultron, Annihilation Omnibus, Castle: An Unholy Storm, Fire, Indestructible Hulk Vol. 1: Gods and Monster, Iron Man: The Fatal Frontier, Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3: The Good The Bad and the Inhuman, X-Men Vs. Hulk.


• All You Need Is Kill Vol. 1: A man discovers he must relive the same battle over and over again until he finds a way to win in this U.S. graphic novel of the Japanese book which will also be the American movie Edge of Tomorrow.

• The Big Feminist But: The best and brightest of alt-comics examine feminism, especially those who say "I am 100% a feminist, but..."

• Other releases: Android Angels, Benito Mambo, Claymore Vol. 24, Clockwork Game, The Complete Peanuts Vol. 21, Darwin's Diaries Vol. 2: Death of the Beast, Hey Mister: Come Hell or Highwater Pants, The Klingon Art of War, Lucky Luke Vol. 45: Tying the Knot, Midnight Secretary Vol. 5, Nisekoi: False Love Vol. 3, Otomen Vol. 18, Pandora Box Vol. 4: Greed, Phantom Thief Jeanne Vol. 22, Psyren Vol. 16, Shadowman Vol. 4: Fear Blood Shadows, Strobe Edge Vol. 10, Thorgal Vol. 15: Cage, Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 3: Wanderer's Road, Vampire Knight Vol. 18, Vampirella: Southern Gothic, The White Lama.

As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here.