I Just Watched My First Pewdiepie Video and Now I Feel Old and Irrelevant

Against my better judgment, I surrendered my credit card information to YouTube today so that I could watch the first episode of the first YouTube Red original series. It stars Pewdiepie, a Swedish man who’s become very rich and famous by playing video games on YouTube. Until today, I’d never watched one his videos.

This Legendary Slasher Flick Finally Has a Blu-ray That Captures Its Outstanding Sleaze [NSFW]

Pieces might sound like a lot of other early 1980s slasher films, since it’s about a shadowy maniac who chops up pretty college girls. But anyone who’s seen it knows that Pieces is one of the most WTF entries in the genre—and now it’s getting a smashing new Blu-ray release, full of extras that highlight its awesome,…


I Did Not Expect the End of This Rube Goldberg Machine to Be Like This

Rube Goldberg machines are always fun because you get to see everything happen in a linear fashion and yet still don’t know what the grand finale is. It’s like you kind of, sort of see where it’s going but still remain excited on the next step of the machine. This Rube Goldberg machine by Arrow FiveYearsOut is even…