The beloved Star Trek star and gay rights activist is currently starring in the Dick Tracy comic strip as George Tawara. Now, before you ask how could Takei star in a newspaper comic strip under a different name: 1) check out the art above (that's as close as Dick Tracy gets to photorealism); 2) this comic storyline is about a WWII Japanese internement camp that was found after a lake was drained, and Takei and his family were actually interned in one such camp during the war; and 3) after Takei's character was introduced in the strip yesterday, a character clearly modeled after Takei's husband Brad Altman appeared today. Also, Takei made an announcement on Facebook regarding the comic, if that helps convince you:

Beginning last Sunday (Jan. 13), and continuing for about two months, the Dick Tracy comic strip on Sundays is featuring a storyline involving me and my husband Brad. I appear under the name "George Tawara." The story has a WWII internment connection, and we are truly honored to be a part of it.

Between this and Archie's Kevin Keller comics, I think Takei's about one Batman team-up away from dominating their entire medium. Today and yesterday's Dick Tracy comics are posted below for your convenience.

[Via Comic Book Resources]