What: Logical Vulcan Chef Accessory
Why: To grab a tombstone pizza out of the oven without a mitten would be illogical.
How Much: 14.99
Where: ThinkGeek

What: Wonderland Andorian Hat
Why: Stay warm, and find other Trek fans in the snowy streets. They'll know.
How Much: $30
Where: Etsy

What: Vulcan Creator
Why: Go from human to Vulcan in one slippery germ cube phone call.
How Much: $30
Where: Etsy


What: Captain Kirk... IN CAT FORM.
Why: Every major genre character should be captured in cat form.
How Much: $17
Where: Etsy

What: Tribble Slippers
Why: Warm and geeky toes. Win, win.
How Much: $24.99
Where: ThinkGeek


What: Star Trek Engagement Ring
Why: Say it with Trek.
How Much: $500
Where: Etsy

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