Mars Curiosity RoundupMars Curiosity Landing — The Liveblog!

This is it, folks. After traveling for more than eight months, over a distance of 350 million miles, NASA's one-ton, nuclear-powered, six-wheel drive rover, Curiosity, has touched down on the surface of the Red Planet. Read our liveblog for updates on what happened until the landing. More »

Mars Curiosity RoundupSee Inside NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, Home to the Mars Rover Curiosity Mission

Right now, NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab is at the center of one of the most ambitious missions to Mars ever undertaken by humanity. Tonight, they'll be landing a sophisticated robotic rover on Mars, the Mars Science Lab (MSL) Curiosity, and waiting breathlessly as the rover makes its final descent to the surface. Very few people are allowed at JPL today, but luckily you're one of them. Check out our gallery of the place where Curiosity was born.More »

Mars Curiosity Roundup

Meet Curiosity - NASA's Mars Science Laboratory

The Mars Science Laboratory - also known as MSL, or Curiosity - is the most sophisticated Martian vehicle that NASA has ever built. More »

Mars Curiosity RoundupFind out why NASA engineers call the upcoming Mars landing "Seven Minutes of Terror"

Stop what you're doing and watch this. Invite whoever you're with to watch it, too. In just 44 days, NASA will attempt the most amazing planetary landing in the history of space exploration. It's a plan so remarkable, so technically impressive, so very different from anything ever attempted, that even the Agency's engineers have been known to call it crazy. Not because they don't believe in its design, but because it is that mind-numbingly awesome. More »

Mars Curiosity RoundupWhy the mysterious Gale Crater is an "ideal landing site" for the new Mars rover

In August of 2012, NASA's biggest, baddest, and most scientifically capable rover ever, Curiosity, will touch down on the surface of Mars.But we wont be setting Curiosity down just anywhere; from a list of around 30 prospective locations, scientists have settled on Gale crater as the ideal landing site for the Mars Science Laboratory mission. More »


Mars Curiosity RoundupNASA will attempt to photograph the Curiosity landing. From an entirely different spacecraft.

We're excited. NASA's excited. Even Angry Birds is excited. And really, why shouldn't they be? Curiosity is the most scientifically impressive rover ever built. Its arrival on Mars is hands down the craziest planetary landing ever attempted in the history of space exploration. More »

Mars Curiosity RoundupSee the Mars rover Curiosity launch from Cape Canaveral

At 10:02 AM Eastern Standard Time, the one-ton Mars Science Laboratory began its eight-and-a-half month mission to the Red Planet. Here's the video in case you slept in this morning. More »

Mars Curiosity RoundupWhy Our Current Missions to Space Could Create Sentient Robots

Space is the domain of robots. NASA is about to land the semi-autonomous robot Curiosity on Mars within the next few days, where it joins its two less-sophisticated robot brethren, Spirit and Opportunity. There's a good reason why these rovers are the first Earthlings first to set foot - or rather, tire treads - on Mars. Even the simplest robot can survive in space better than a human can. More »