Not all superheroes fight crime in gorgeous futuristic cities or don their costumes in grand mansions or glamorous apartments. Eric Carter's photo series, Fallen Superheroes, places costumed crimefighters in the real world, where they encounter both the odd and the ordinary.

These photos form just part of the book Fallen Superheroes, which pair Curtis' photos with funny prose by Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock. Even in these few photos, though, we get a strong sense of this world, where some incredibly powerful beings do battle in mundane housing develops, while other cultivate eccentric hobbies; some don't bother to take off the suit before doing their chores while others enjoy the finer things in life. Curtis is a celebrity photographer, and there's a similar sense of biography in these photos, a biography that isn't always as exciting as the comic books. And yes, there are some celebrity faces hiding behind those masks.

Eric Curtis Presents Fallen Superheroes [Trendland]