He-Man certainly keeps some flamboyant company, but none were as colorful as his good friend Songster, a magical-guitar-wielding bard who was invented for the 1987 Masters of the Universe Power Tour.

For those of you who don't remember the Power Tour, it was $3-million spectacle that toured North America in the late 1980s. The highlight of the show was "the Power Race," during which He-Man and Skeletor don "Power Discs" and battle for the fate of the universe via roller derby. Sadly, video evidence of the Power Tour is scant, but the actor who played the villain Ninjor has uploaded some footage on YouTube.

But the Power Tour's most enduring legacy is that of the balladeer Songster, who has gone down in Masters of the Universe lore as maybe the most undignified resident of Eternia. (He didn't even get an action figure.) You can listen to Songster's musical debut at left — we'll send you a voucher if you make it all the way through — and behold some of the Power Tour's hilarious pageantry below.

Via X-Entertainment and Masters of the Universe Power Tour blog. Hat tip to Tom Chung, who had to weather The Power Tour himself decades ago.