Slovak Batman has the most DIY-looking Batsuit you've ever seen

Last week, we told you how Batman was helping to keep Brazil safe, and now it's Slovakia's turn. In the Slovak town of Dunajska Streda, 26-year-old Zoltan Kohari has already started patrolling in what might be the most DIY-looking Batsuit we've ever seen.

Kohari helps keep the streets clean — literally, he picks up litter — and helps out old people. He also keeps the bouncers at he local disco from roughing up tourists, which is probably a good thing. And if he sees an actual crime in progress, he calls the police. Kohari tells Reuters, "I have decided to do good for the people. I take care of order and help clean up the environment so we can keep living on this planet." (Picture that said in a Christian Bale growl.)