Check out an exclusive glimpse at The Dead, a zombie apocalypse film which is billing itself as the first horror movie filmed entirely in Africa. This scene gets major points for creepy claustrophobic use of a cornfield, in a manner very reminiscent of Stephen King, and the actual zombie attack is nicely disturbing.

The Dead comes out on DVD on Feb. 14 from Anchor Bay. Check out some stills and the film's trailer, below.

Here's the trailer, in which we discover that it's not just a lone white guy fleeing from African zombies. There's also a heroic African dude who joins up with him:



And here's the official blurb and description for The Dead, plus some stills:

Unlike anything audiences have been exposed to before, THE DEAD grabs you by the throat and takes you on a visceral journey across the harsh but stunning landscapes of Africa, where the sole survivor of the doomed final evacuation flight out of the continent has more than just the unforgiving terrain to deal with. Written and directed by Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford, THE DEAD has also stunned audiences at such prestigious film festivals such as Fantastic Fest, FrightFest and the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival.