Now that Facebook is going over to the new "timeline banner," finding a good banner image can be a time-consuming process. So let us help you. We've tracked down some of the coolest banner images online, plus created a few new ones from scratch.

Think you can do better? Show us your best banner images, in the comments.

By Artist Sam Spratt Via BuzzFeed.


By Artist Sam Spratt Via BuzzFeed.

By Artist Sam Spratt Via BuzzFeed.


Teen Wolf Made by Buzzfeed's Amy Sly. There's many more amazing designs at the Buzzfeed site.

Eye of Sauron via Facebook Cover.

Hocus Pocus via FaceCoverz

Star Wars Think About It via FaceCovers

Pixar via FaceCovers

Star Child Cat via Facebook Timeline

The Sun.




Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Young Suns of NGC 7129 Image Credit & Copyright: Johannes Schedler (Panther Observatory) via APOD.

The Comet Hartley 2 Cruise
Image Credit & Copyright: Rolando Ligustri (CARA Project & CAST) via APOD.