Everybody knows that robots are a girl's best friend, but everybody needs a robot companion sometimes. Robots are our steadfast helpers and our awesome kick-ass defenders. And most importantly, they look freaking cool.

Your computer's desktop wallpaper needs a little robot action, and we've got the hookup. We've collected some of our favorite robot art, including concept art as well as awesome fine art, in desktop wallpaper sizes. Check it out!


Top image: Wake Up Baby by Jose Manuel Fernandez Oli, via CoolVibe

Mind Blown by Sam Spratt

STSTS Andree Wallin, via CoolVibe

Bot by Ahmed Aldoori

Robot Vs. Robot by Lingy-0, via CoolVibe

Mechanic Dragon by Angel Alonso, via CoolVibe

Dynasty Warriors - Gundam via Wallpaper S

Robot art by Alexander Iglesias, via Concept Robots

Final Transmission by Matei Apostolescu, via DepthCore

Japan Bug, via Feng Zhu Design

Bug Mechs, via Feng Zhu Design

Gate, via Feng Zhu Design

By Josh Nizzi

By Scott Robertson

By Scott Robertson

By Scott Robertson

The Workstation by Jujika on DeviantArt

Scifi Wallpaper by Pene Menn, via Coolvibe

Last Breath by Werner Ziemerink, via CoolVibe

Robot BBQ by Tommy Vad Flaaten, via Simple Desktops

Robot Wallpaper by Action Tintoy

Mech Wallpaper, via PokedStudio

Ms. Pacman Wallpaper, via PokedStudio

Artist unknown (please let us know!) via Fanpop

Artist unknown (please let us know!) via Fanpop

Mech Warrior Mercs Wallpaper by Mecha-Master on DeviantArt

Robot Girl by Evan Lee via Coolvibe

Machine Girl by Evan Lee via CoolVibe

Mecha Crush, via Desktop Nexus

Robot and Fish, via Desktop Nexus

Robot by Tsukushi Akihito, via Desktop Nexus

Da Vinci's Insect, via Desktop Nexus

Underneath It All by Robogabo, via Digital Art Gallery

Ol Painless by Clinton Felker, via CoolVibe



Additional reporting by Natalie Baaklini.