Check out this spooky, lovely, intense poster for The Hollows Insider, Kim Harrison's collection of new fiction, maps and source material about her Rachel Morgan novels. And now imagine this poster glowing in the dark. Woo.


Click through for the full poster, plus an exclusive excerpt from the book itself!

Here's the complete poster, in its full glory. Click to enlarge:

We're thrilled to have the exclusive first look at this poster, which will be available at Comic-Con this weekend. Also, check out an exclusive excerpt from the book below. Here's the official blurb for The Hollows Insider:


For the first time, Kim Harrison illuminates every aspect of the world that has captured so many followers. "The Hollows Insider" will feature in-depth, new information on all the characters and settings, an overarching mini-story, maps and illustrations, and Harrison's own thoughts on how she works her magic. As wondrous and engaging as the "Hollows" novels, this is the ultimate guide to the wildly popular series.

And here are some exclusive excerpts!