We've got the latest reviews, interviews, and general craziness from Comic-Con, including reports on Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Ridley Scott's Prometheus, fall science fiction shows you'll be dying to see, and the artists and writers who make it all happen.

The very best finds on the floor at Comic-Con 2011

To some, Comic-Con is a sweaty heap of pulsating fans. To us, it's a galleria of delights and treasures waiting to be uncovered. But the goodies are hard to find. More »

New Torchwood trailer promises crazy flashbacks and Gwen's biggest bang yet

In case you worried that Torchwood: Miracle Day has used up its supply of shocks and big action scenes, the new trailer we just watched at San Diego Comic-Con proves otherwise. More »

The Raven will be Seven with Edgar Allan Poe

John Cusack steps into the shoes (and moustache) of Edgar Allan Poe, in the ahistorical murder mystery The Raven. Director James McTeigue says the movie will be like Seven, with a series of grisly killings based on Poe's tales. More »

First look at The Darkest Hour's shocking alien art by Ben Templesmith

Get a glimpse at how the alien invaders in Timur Bekmambetov's new film The Darkest Hour will shock the human race into submission! What kind of horrific death is this? More »

The Locke & Key pilot teases the brilliant horror series that might have been

We were at the special Comic-Con screening of Locke & Key, an attempted TV adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's acclaimed horror fantasy comic. More »

First footage from Ridley Scott's Prometheus made our space helmets explode!

Ridley Scott is coming back to science fiction after a quarter century, and we've just seen our first glimpse of his new film Prometheus. The good news is, it's intense, sweaty, scary and beautiful. More »

Surprise "Sizzle Reel" for the Deleted Scenes from Star Wars Original Trilogy

Everybody who went to the Star Wars Fan Movie Awards last night got a special surprise: a short "sizzle reel" showcasing the deleted scenes from the original trilogy that'll be on this fall's Blu-ray release. More »

Robert Rodriguez's Next Projects: Sin City 2, Heavy Metal, Frank Frazetta… and Machete in Space!

Robert Rodriguez is going back to his pulp roots more than he ever has before, judging from the slew of new projects he announced at San Diego Comic-Con. More »

New footage from NBC's Awake has us pumped for the latest reality-bending cop show

We just watched a condensed, thirty-minute version of the pilot for NBC's Awake, in which Harry Potter's Jason Isaacs plays a cop jumping between two parallel universes after a horrific car crash...which killed a different family member in each reality. More »

Game of Thrones cast talks dragons, puppet wolves, and the Khal Drogo dance. Plus, the scene George R.R. Martin doesn't want to watch.

George R.R. Martin teased and quizzed the Game of Thrones cast in a panel at Comic-Con yesterday. The cast shared their greatest GoT challenges and favorite scenes, the creators hinted at what's ahead, and Martin revealed the moment he won't watch on television. More »

How Nicolas Winding Refn will update Logan's Run for today's future

How do you remake Logan's Run? What do you do with Box? Critically adored director Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) explained to us how he'll have to alter the original novel for modern day audiences. More »

Person of Interest brings us the first post-9/11 surveillance superheroes

For months, we've been wondering about Person of Interest, the new show coming in fall from JJ Abrams' Bad Robot Productions. Starring Michael Emerson (Ben on Lost) and Jim Caviezel as "interested third parties" who try to stop crimes before they happen, the show seemed like it could go a lot of places. More »

Get ready for Gattaca director's new dystopian thriller, starring Justin Timberlake as a time thief

Director Andrew Niccol rocked our worlds with The Truman Show and Gattaca, and now he's back with the dystopian thriller In Time, due out in late October. More »

We've seen Jemaine Clement's Scary Men in Black 3 alien!

We just got the first good look at Men in Black III's villainous alien biker Boris, played by Flight of the Conchords's Jemaine Clement. Plus makeup master Rick Baker explains why these aliens are unlike all previous MIB aliens. Spoilers ahead... More »

New Twilight footage includes nudity, and Jacob crossing a major line. Plus new details of the bloody birth scene!

We got to see three new scenes from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - including naked Bella and Edward! And Jacob crossing the one line you never expected him to cross. More »