A SIGNAL INTO SPACE | Cryzlis, concept art by freelancah on Deviant Art.

Computer teaches itself English so that it can play Civilization

Computers may be naturally fluent in binary, but how might they fare with learning human languages? Computers were tested by playing the game Civilization. More »

With Great Beefcake: The Complete Guide to Shirtlessness in Marvel Superhero Movies

Captain America comes out next week, and the trailers are full of one major selling point: a pumped-up Chris Evans with his shirt off. Will this be the most beefcakey movie about a Marvel superhero ever made? More »

Read the insane Dazzler script starring Cher and Robin Williams

Imagine a screenplay crammed with so much insanity, the climax pits KISS against the Village People, in the middle of a dystopian feudal New York (where people ride unicorns). More »

Gorilla is given a video camera, awesomeness ensues

A gorilla at the UK's Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust was recently given a video camera, and you can see the results in the video up top. Honestly, the gorilla's cinematography is way more coherent than most action movies. More »

Hank Azaria calls out The Smurfs on their creepy co-habitation in 8 new movie clips

This new batch of clips from The Smurfs movie have us very confused. Do the characters know that this movie is horrific? Because Hank Azaria and Neil Patrick Harris are lighting the Smurfs up in these movie clips. More »

We want your pictures of fake monsters!

Sick of all the crappy Bigfoot fakes? The blurry shots of Nessie? We know you can do better than that. Use your best image-doctoring skills, makeup wizardry, or just crafty DiY awesomeness, to create a photograph that looks like you've discovered a real monster. More »

10 Greatest Mentally Ill Superheroes

You don't have to be crazy to put on a shiny costume and battle evil - but it doesn't hurt. Here's our list of the ten most awesomely insane superheroes. More »

George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire may turn out to be eight books instead of seven

Talking to the Atlantic, George R.R. Martin admits that he may not be able to wrap up his massive A Song of Ice and Fire series in just two more books. More »

This lost continent off the coast of Scotland disappeared beneath the ocean 55 million years ago

This week, a group of geologists report that they've found a lost continent off the coast of Scotland. 55 million years ago, about 10 million years after dinosaurs died out, a chunk of the seafloor erupted from beneath the water. More »

First poster for The Dark Knight Rises shatters Gotham's skyline

It's finally here! The first ever official look at Chris Nolan's final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, is out in this striking teaser poster. It promises a dark day for Gotham City. Rumor has it the first ever teaser trailer will also be out this week. More »

How many sex panthers does it take to screw a Jason Stackhouse?

Oh my dears, last night was all about Pammy-Pam-Pam the vampire who can-can. HBO should just give actress Kristin Bauer sacks of money because if it wasn't for her, this show would go straight to the sex panthers. More »

A single clip shows Falling Skies at its best - and its worst

Last night's Falling Skies showed just how much potential Steven Spielberg's post-alien-apocalypse show has. And yet, the major flaw that drags the show down was still much in evidence. Just watch this clip. More »

Everything You Need to Know about Disney's John Carter Movie

Can Wall-E director Andrew Stanton capture the pulpy greatness of Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars, in his first live-action movie? We've been keeping all our appendages crossed. More »

Snails migrate by getting eaten by birds and pooped out somewhere else

For most of us, being devoured by something many times bigger than us would mean a gruesome, agonizing death. But for tiny snails, it's just a minor irritation...and a quick and disgustingly clever way to migrate elsewhere. More »

Watch Leia freaking out about her slave outfit, in a Robot Chicken Star Wars deleted scene!

Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III was the most ambitious of Seth Green and Matt Senreich's Star Wars spoofs: a 45-minute spoof opera that narrated the rise and fall of Emperor Palpatine, plus the adventures of Boba Fett and Gary the Stormtrooper. More »