We can't get enough of dark re-imaginings of fairy tales. That's why we've already seen a mean version of Red Riding Hood, will soon see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, and why this fall NBC is airing a police procedural (Grimm) based on fairy tales.

There's just something cool about taking a wholesome childhood memory and twisting it. Here is a gallery of art that does just that.

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Top image, "Goldilocks and the Bears" by moonmomma at deviantART

Pinocchio by Sara Kristiina Albrect at elfwood.com


Cat in the Hat Gone Evil by Firewolf666 at deviantART

Snow-White Zombie by LaTaupinette at deviantART

Bloody Red Riding Hood by Sangelus at deviantART

The Twisted World of Oz by ginoroberto at deviantART

Robin Hood by Ungat-trunn at deviantART

Sleeping Beauty by Linkatrix by zenx007 at deviantART

Cinderella by Elseneur at deviantART

The Tortoise and the Hare by Jason Hager at Super Punch

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by Cormac McEvoy at Super Punch

Tea Party by MisterSmiley at deviantART

-Hansel and Gretel- by yamiza at deviantART

Oz Fest by GarthFT at deviantART

Dead Alice by Miyukiko at deviantART

Roundabout the Witch by Ana Juan at The New Yorker

Tiger Lilly by fran444 at deviantART

The Bear and the Two Travelers by Nin-JA at deviantART

The Lion and the Mouse by vtforpedro at deviantART

evil snow white by cuson at deviantART

Evil Peter Pan by David Kantrowitz

Cat in the Hat Attack by TimYates

Alice? by x-camisado at deviantART

The Evil Cinderella by Zerag at deviantART

"Goldilocks and the Bears" by moonmomma at deviantART

Disney P: all in one by lazymills1986 at deviantART

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Had a Wife and Couldn't Keep Her by Danc at Lost Garden

Little red riding hood by kinkei at deviantART

The Wizard of Oz by lastbeach at deviantART

SINDERELLA by kizer180 at deviantART

story of snow white by 12x07 at deviantART

back to city of emerald by fdp82 at deviantART

Little Red Ridinghood gets Even, by Nancy Farmer

steampunk thumbelina by hakubaikou at deviantART

Red Riding Hood by Guardian-of-Light at deviantART

Photos from Qayzas's Disney gallery on deviantART