Could it be that we finally have proof that dragons once roamed through Asia?

Nope. But we do have proof that a talented sculptor, working with chicken bones and his imagination, was able to create a gorgeous dragon skeleton that looks as if it was snatched from a nineteenth century circus sideshow.

Over at Mad Art Lab, Ryan writes about his creation:


A while back I realized that the same dinosaur display that I had seen when I was a child, one that told me about the huge, cold-blooded, reptilian dinosaurs was still standing, but now it told a story of colorful ancestors of birds. Nothing had changed except some text. Upon closer inspection it even had caveats that declared that it was only current consensus. I have to assume that the old text said the same, but those statements were washed away by the Museum Effect. I may have just made up that term.

Read all about his art project on Mad Art Lab, and find out what each step involved.