RAPTURE ROUNDUP: 5/21 | An end-time party by Vitaly S Alexius of Romantically Apocalyptic.

Happy Rapture!10 recent end-time predictions that didn't come true (duh)

According to professional apocalypse predictor/silky-voiced radio host Harold Camping, the Rapture's going down today. But Camping's not alone in his doomsaying. More »

Happy Rapture!Street entrepreneur sells Rapture jetpacks for a bargain $50,000

On the streets of Chicago, a savvy telephone-pole huckster was selling Rapture-jets to circumvent God's plan of Hoovering only the pious up to Heaven. More »

Happy Rapture!Live Coverage of the End of the World

Today is the first day of the end of the world, according to the predictions of unquestionably sane biblical mathematician Harold Camping-and we're bringing you to the Whore of Babylon herself, New York City. More »

Happy Rapture!All of the awesomest post-Rapture movies!

How will you live after the Rapture? Assuming you're not one of those who gets lifted up, you'll need to learn some survival skills for dealing with the Mark of the Beast and all the tribulations. More »


Happy Rapture!Atheists Will Take Care Of Your Pet After The Divine Rapture, For A Price

For those of you counting down until the end of days, have you considered what'll happen to your pets once you're spirited away to heaven? Eternal Earth-Bound Pets has, and promises to care for your pet after the apocalypse. More »

Happy Rapture!Why the world was supposed to end today

Over at Salon, there's a great article by Peter Finocchiaro about all those mysterious billboards and ads online about how the world was supposed to end today. More »

Happy Rapture!How To Survive A Mass Extinction

250 million years ago, 95% of life on Earth perished, probably from megavolcanoes. 65 million years ago, a meteor strike destroyed the dinosaurs. Now, some say another mass extinction is underway More »

Happy Rapture!What do the covers of the Left Behind series say about modernity?

I've never read the Rapturey Left Behind series, but from what I understand, a whole bunch of nice, pious people are abducted by God and the rest of us grubbers have to slum it on Earth with Kirk Cameron. Will Wlizlo has trundled through the series. More »

Happy Rapture!A job application for restarting the human race after the nuclear apocalypse

In 1956, the US government issued this totally turgid employment application and list of job requirements for the federal position of Chief, Damage Assessment Division. More »

Happy Rapture!Slim chance that asteroid named after Stargate villain could hit Earth in 2036, NASA admits

Previously, it was only the Russians who were saying that the asteroid Apophis could smash into the Earth in 2036, but now a NASA spokesperson is admitting it's a possibility. More »

Happy Rapture!Moscow man builds 2012 survival ark on abandoned chicken farm

2012 hysteria is so 2009, but that doesn't matter to Russian engineer Evgeny Ubiyko. He's built an $80,000 emergency pod that can survive magma and magnetic storms, and he's imploring the Russian government to buy several thousand post haste. More »

Happy Rapture!Romantically Apocalyptic: a webcomic about staving off post-nuclear boredom

Sometimes the best way to survive the end of the world is just to go crazy and roll with it. After all, the denizens of the lushly painted webcomic Romantically Apocalyptic survive with gas masks, ingenuity, and batshit insanity. More »

Happy Rapture!The Best Rapture Bomb Pictures

OH MY GOD. The Rapture is really happening! Just look at all the people disappearing in these pictures. Well, that's what we want people to think. Here are the best #rapturebomb pictures so far. More »