WATERY SEXY DEATH | Mermaid concept art from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. More here.

How to Have Sex With a Mermaid

The mythology of mermaid sex is as mysterious as the majestic sea-creature itself. How does one have sex with these alluring beings of the sea? We attempt to answer the love riddle out with a little help from pop culture. More »

Mermaids Rule!The aquatic apocalypse of Waterworld was my sexual awakening

Human sexuality is a weird thing, so it makes sense that I learned the laws of attraction from a disgusting, herring-scented merman. And no, I'm not talking about Skeletor's sidekick. First things first, the title of this piece is a bit of a prevarication More »

Mermaids Rule!Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey uses her mermaid wiles in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie

We recently talked to Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, who plays the main mermaid Syrena in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. She told us about her mermaid history and what makes Syrena different from mermaids we've seen before. More »

Mermaids Rule!A Gorgeous Dissection of Mermaid Anatomy

Mermaids are a miracle of nature - a chimera with human parts and fish parts, able to move between two worlds. But what are they like on the inside? More »


Mermaids Rule!Why Aquaman is the best damn superhero in comic history

In celebration of Mermaid Day, we're paying tribute to Aquaman, the most marginalized superhero in history. Despite possessing fantastic ichthyosapien powers, Aquaman just doesn't get the love he deserves. More »

Mermaids Rule!Mer-physics: How real-life mermaids would experience the world

We all know that mermaids can perform underwater musical numbers. But how would a real-life mermaid sing underwater? And hear music? Find out in our guide to underwater physics for mermaid chasers. More »

Mermaids Rule!Amazing casting call for Titanic 2: Mermaid Saviors!

Read the synopsis for what is possibly the most brilliant idea ever pitched in the history of mermaid movies. What happened after the Titanic sunk? The passengers were saved by mermaids - and Jack Dawson was elected mermaid King, naturally. More »

Mermaids Rule!Bizarre Mer-men and Mermaids From Science Fiction History

Though mermaids and mermen are usually found in fantasies and fairy tales, they make a fair number of appearances in science fiction too. Peggy Kolm compiles a great list of undersea humans from SF books. More »

Mermaids Rule!Bai Ling's Best Role Yet: A Zombie Mermaid Who Lives In A Pool

Pet Semetary director Mary Lambert is working on a ocean horror movie starring Bai Ling as a blood-thirsty fish zombie who can materialize over any body of water. The beachy horror is called Hydrophobia. More »

Mermaids Rule!A mermaid, upon first encountering men of science

What happens when scientists at sea discover a mermaid? Helen Keeble's gorgeous short story about this strange meeting has been nominated for a World Fantasy Award, and now you can read it for yourself. More »

Mermaids Rule!Zombie Mermaids Are The New Cyborg Unicorns

The brilliant Japanese wrestling movie Oh! My Zombie Mermaid is finally coming to the West in July, raising all kinds of intriguing questions that aren't answered in the most bizarre way possible in the trailer. More »