Vampires! Is there anything sexier or more alluring? With Priest coming out tonight, and Vampire Diaries' brain-shattering season finale still fresh in our minds, we had to celebrate all things vampiric.

So we've collected a gallery of our favorite fan art and cosplay of vampires and vampire-slayers — from Buffy to Vlad the Impaler. Check it out!

The Vampire by Loulise at DeviantART


Vampire Hunter D Cosplay, AX08 by shiroiusagisamurai at DeviantART

The Vampire's Death by Sui-yumeshima at DeviantART


Lestat Cosplay by EgnirysFaye at DeviantART

Vampire and Gothic art by Avelina De Moray at Fanpop

VAMPIRE - The Turning by Randis at DeviantART

The vampire Marius by KarlaFrazetty at DeviantART

The Vampire Bride by la-sera at DeviantART

The Countess Elizabeth Bathory by David Duke at mayhemUNITED

JiakiDarkness Vampire by yukigodbless at DeviantART

Vampire Slayer by hallopino at DeviantART

Vampire by Zerahoc at DeviantART

Vampire Victim? by Zyrac at flickr

The Vampire Hunter D by Destinyfall at DeviantART

Vampire Slayer by Prasa by DeviantART

Vampire Chronicles - Spoiled by KellyJane at DeviantART

Vampire Hunter by aiwa at DeviantART

Buffy The Vampire Slayer by Eireen at DeviantART

Picture of Vampire by Clyde Caldwell at fanpop

Vampire Hunter by PE-Travers at DeviantART

Vampire Knight : Night 012 by mrsloth at DeviantART

Vile, Murderous Love by Demure-Blu

Rockabilly Vampire by skullberries at DeviantART

Vampire by poupeedechair at DeviantART

Buffy the Vampire Slayer by uberwekkness at DeviantART

Vampire by super-sheep at DeviantART

Vlad the Impaler by Skidone at Fanpop

HomageToBuffyTheVampireSlayer by Kristele at DeviantART

Vampire Hunter D Cosplay by MasterDiamy at DeviantART

Vampire Hunter VS Vampires by Blind-ManJP at DeviantART

Vampire Hunter by Conceptbloke at DeviantART

Vampire's blood by hellobaby at DeviantART

The Vampire by Sunhorde at DeviantART

Vampire by GP03D at DeviantART

Vampire knight: Caged by alexielart at DeviantART

Vampire hidden by Isthar-art at DeviantART

Vampire Hunter by fluxen at DeviantART

An oil painting of Spike in Vampire Face by Ellin at fanpop

Blade by Diamond4girl at DeviantART

Vamp Spike Mask by megadem at flickr

Vampire Hunter E by thedarkcloak at Deviant ART

Vampire by Black-Orochimaru at DeviantART

Dance D Amour by DarkCharacter71 at DeviantART