THE NEW COLOSSUS | Giant robot concept art by Tim Flattery, via ConceptRobots.


The Secret Origin of Captain Planet!

A poor bunny rabbit is exposed to the molecular duplication ray — and its evil opposite is created, in this amazing clip from Captain Planet and the Planeteers. The new Captain Planet DVD set is full of equally ludicrous moments. Like the making-of documentary, which explains that Ted Turner is the second smartest thing on Earth. More »


ROUNDUPKenneth Branagh explains why Thor really is like Shakespeare…and the royal wedding

The director, writers, and cast of Thor recently sat down to explain why Thor is the first superhero that's actually science fiction, how to make an Asgardian prince relatable, and what lies ahead for the characters in future movies. More »

ROUNDUPThe strength of dark matter might vary with the seasons…but why?

There's no reason at all why something as mysterious and cosmic should sync up with the changing of seasons on Earth...and yet now two independent sources claim that's exactly what it's doing. More »


ROUNDUPFresh off Thor and X-Men: First Class, Hollywood's next big writing duo is about to explode

Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz have written two of the summer's biggest movies, Thor and X-Men: First Class. They're fast becoming the go-to writers for revitalizing beloved science-fiction characters. More »

ROUNDUPAn ant and a spider duke it out in a gruesome eensy-weensy gladiator match

What would insects and arachnids look like if you were the size of a pea? These videos by Ahmet Özkan offer a Lilliputian's eye view into the horribly brutal world of arthropod death matches. More »

ROUNDUP10 Terrorism Storylines We Never Want to See Again

The death of Osama bin Laden doesn't mean the end of terrorism. But it will mean less lazy storytelling about terrorism, for a while at least. Science fiction has always trotted out cliches about terrorists, but especially in the past decade it's been a go-to plot device for media SF. More »

ROUNDUPReal-life Bert from Sesame Street will haunt your nightmares

You wouldn't want this version of Sesame Street's Bert to get anywhere near your rubber duckie. More »

ROUNDUPDoes the Green Lantern movie introduce too many zany creatures?

Green Lantern isn't just the story of an ordinary run-of-the-mill fighter pilot who gets a magic ring from space. It's also the saga of a whole army of aliens, each with his/her/its own magic ring. More »

ROUNDUPWhy this Time-Life paranormal book ad is secretly a porno

During yesterday's discussion of inexplicably frightening logos and TV intros, this bizarre 1990 commercial for Time-Life's Mysteries of the Unknown book series was mentioned. More »

ROUNDUPThe Fantastical Pinup Girls of Danni Shinya Luo [NSFW]

Danni Shinya Luo's work focuses on the beauty of the female form, and she understands what makes a woman sexy. Using watercolors, she combines the fierceness of a woman's power with the bright, fresh colors of the natural world. More »

ROUNDUPFall TV Update: Which new shows are a sure thing, and which are DoA?

With the broadcast networks' upfront presentations right around the corner, TV studios everywhere are scrambling to pitch shows for Fall 2011. But which shows will make it past the pilot stage? More »

ROUNDUPFast Five is the superheroes-assemble movie you've been waiting for (Sorry, Avengers)

It's entirely possible that you haven't been paying attention to the internecine continuity of Universal's Fast and the Furious franchise - the most recent chapter of which, Fast Five, just grossed $83.6 million in its opening weekend. More »

ROUNDUPThe ship that came to port did not float upon the water

One does not often see a ship of such size landing on the beach. But more extraordinary than its size was the fact that it did not land at all. From its hidden decks issued a flock of mechanical beasts. More »

ROUNDUPSpeaking multiple languages can give you multiple personalities

The idea that language affects the way we look at the world is hardly new. But could your personality actually change depending on which language you're speaking? More »