WEEKLY ROUNDUP: 4/14 -4/23 | The crazed Statue of Liberty train station by W.A. Rogers.

WEEKLY ROUNDUPWelcome Back, Doctor Who!

Doctor Who comes back tomorrow evening, on BBC and BBC America, and there's never been a better time to try it out. More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUP28 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Could Rock Your Summer

Could this be the biggest movie summer of all time? It's sure looking like it. Almost every weekend features at least one, and maybe two or three, movies with a science fiction, fantasy or comics pedigree. More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUPYour Summer Beach Reading List, 2011

Need some books to jam into your packpack before you head to the beach, lake, or other sparkly, water-filled location this summer? Here are some books hitting bookstores from May through July that fit the bill. More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUPA plan from the 1920s to drain the Mediterranean Sea and create the nation of Atlantropa

On the cusp of the Great Depression, architect Hermann Soergel had a radical idea: Why not expand the landmass of Europe by draining part of the Mediterranean? More »


WEEKLY ROUNDUPDid the early universe have only one dimension?

Some scientists believe that, as the universe gets older and larger, it adds more dimensions. Cute theory. But how does this help solve pressing questions of of physics? More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUP"Hammer-biter" marsupials were a weird mix of mammal and lizard

The marsupials and monotremes that are now found primarily in Australia represent a sort of evolutionary middle ground, mixing together their mammalian features with those of reptiles or amphibians. More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUPHow many times have your favorite heroes saved the universe?

Any schmo can save the world. That's not a big deal. But saving the universe takes some serious chops. Only a few heroes have even saved the universe once, let alone multiple times. More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUP19 Must Watch Summer TV Shows

Summer isn't usually known for its stellar TV series. But new True Blood, Futurama and the new Torchwood miniseries "Miracle Day" could make us stay indoors all season. More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUPHow to stop a pandemic (and how to make it worse)

We already have many of the medicines we need to kill pandemic diseases. But to stop a pandemic itself, we need math. More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUPFrom Alexander Pope to "Splice": a Short History of the Female Mad Scientist

The mad scientist is an icon of modern popular culture, but critics have traced its origin back centuries. Yet there seem to be few female mad scientists. More »


A collection of stories about something. We forget. More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUP18 scifi comics and graphic novels worth checking out this summer

What's heating up comic stores this summer? Big summer extravaganzas for the Flash and Thor, new Hellboy and Locke and Key miniseries, and the return of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUP25 Great Books By Legendary Scientists

From Darwin and Einstein to Hawking and Sagan, here are twenty-five amazing books written by world-famous scientists. These are legendary texts, popular science explainers, personal memoirs, and controversial new theories, and they're all enduring monuments to the power of science. More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUPWhich HBO pilot has more nudity: True Blood or Game of Thrones?

Which HBO pilot has more ridiculous nudity: True Blood or Game of Thrones? We did the math. We counted up the nip-slips and ass shots, and compared the Dothraki's naked dances to True Blood's vampire sex tapes. More »

WEEKLY ROUNDUPThe strange case of the lost luchador-versus-Dracula nudie flick

Lucha libre superstar-crimefighter-detective-Renaissance man Santo defeated scads of fearsome monsters over the course of his 54-film career. Despite these harrowing battles, Santo always kept his movies family-friendly. More »