Wondercon was a whirlwind of surprises — from new Green Lantern footage to Doctor Who revelations, and beyond. Here are the coolest, craziest and most memorable things we saw last weekend.

Top image: Nicole Abalde on Flickr

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!

How will the Ender's Game movie shoot the book's infamous Zero-G training sequences? Bob Orci explains

The most memorable moment from Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game novel is easily the zero gravity training that the child genius must endure. But how in the hell will the movie version include this? More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Learn why this season of Doctor Who changes everything

We saw awesome new footage and a behind-the-scenes featurette of the new Doctor Who season - and you can too! Plus writer Neil Gaiman, actor Mark Sheppard and director Toby Haynes told us what to expect. More »


The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Watch the Green Lantern footage that tore the roof off Wondercon!

Green Lantern won over a skeptical crowd with hot new footage of superhero space opera action last night. And now you can see for yourself! Warner Bros. More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Wondercon Best of the Floor: Green Lantern's Guardians, X-Men Tarot and Sucker Punch Cosplay

Sit on the Iron Throne of Westeros, view a new collection of alien creatures from Green Lantern (including Galius Zed!) and see the new cosplay that's all the rage. More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Why futuristic assassin movie Hanna is the anti-Sucker Punch, according to director Joe Wright

In person, Saoirse Ronan is slight and delicate-looking, even more than on screen. When we interviewed her about her new film, Hanna (opening tomorrow), we were wondering how she becomes one of the world's deadliest superhumans. More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Ziggy Marley explains his new superhero, Marijuana Man!

At Wondercon, we had glimmers of hope for the Green Lantern movie - but there was another green superhero being unveiled. We were lucky enough to spend some time chatting with Ziggy Marley about his new superhero, Marijuana Man. More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Samurai Jack's Genndy Tartakovsky shows how the bloody vampire-slaying Priests were born

How did we wind up with a post-apocalyptic world where the church is our only defence against vampires? Watch this amazing animation prequel by Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack) that explains the bloody vampire vs. human warfare. More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Tarsem Singh's Immortals is the lovechild of Zack Snyder's 300 and The Cell

Want to see Mickey Rourke slit someone's throat while wearing a metal bunny helmet? Director Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall) showed some stunning, crazy, violence-packed footage from his Greek god melodrama The Immortals at WonderCon. Singh and the cast of the Immortals unveiled the teaser. More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Jon Favreau challenges "faith and fear" with Cowboys & Aliens

Earlier this week we saw the aliens from Cowboys & Aliens first hand at WonderCon. The one thing that stuck out wasn't the spoilery alien reveal, but the religious banter between the cowboys. More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!If V gets a third season, the action will pick up the pace, and Erica will kick some ass

Season three of V is by no means a sure thing: The producers and cast told Wondercon they remain hopeful, but there's no news yet. More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Guess which classic Star Wars character is coming to Clone Wars next? Hint: He's in this new trailer!

Now that Chewbacca has put in an appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which much-loved character from the original trilogy will be the next to show up? More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!The Secret Rules of Terra Nova's Time Travel

Steven Spielberg's new TV show Terra Nova may look like Avatar, but actor Stephen Lang explained to us why his character is nothing like the hard-ass he played in James Cameron's hit movie. More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Watch the new ThunderCats footage from Wondercon now!

Watch the same footage of the rebooted ThunderCats series that was screened at WonderCon today. Cartoon Network has certainly given these space kitties a brand new set of claws. More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Steven Spielberg's Falling Skies = Saving Private Ryan with Aliens

Steven Spielberg's Falling Skies = Saving Private Ryan with AliensSteven Spielberg's alien invasion show Falling Skies will show off the alien invaders in the opening moments of the first episode, judging from footage we saw at Wondercon. We saw four clips from the first couple episodes of Falling Skies, and they showcased post-apocalyptic drama, huge explosions and stunts, and even some teen romance More »

The Coolest Stuff We Saw At Wondercon!Ryan Reynolds explains the relationship between Hal Jordan and Sinestro in Green Lantern

On Friday, we were lucky enough to sit with the ring-slinging superhero himself, Ryan Reynolds, and talk about Green Lantern with a group of other reporters. And he explained how Hal Jordan sees Mark Strong's Sinestro as a father figure. More »