Disney may have burned out our earlobes with the horrific Mars Needs Moms rap, but this behind the scenes Mo-Cap adventure between Seth Green and Dan Fogler is gosh-darn adorable, and pretty impressive. Watch.

The funny thing about watching this video, which was filmed years ago, is that after spending days pantomiming the actions of a little kid and then reading the script, Seth Green wound up having his vocal performance removed from the CG character Milo. Probably because in the end, a 37-year-old man doesn't sound that much like a nine-year-old boy. But Green's not bitter, in fact he told the LA Times:

"There was always a consideration that the character would be redubbed by an actual kid. I don't feel like I've been replaced or like my performance is invisible. It wasn't like I did anything wrong and someone was saying my performance wasn't good."

Still that's a lot of work just to be "the body." Ah well it still looks like he had fun. Mars Needs Moms will hit theaters this Friday.